Deceptive comments or lies that you have heard from platform or brothers & sisters?

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  • Farmer Jim1
    Farmer Jim1

    Ok, so what are the most deceptive comments that you have heard from your experience in congregations?

    my top three are;

    1) Service Overseer during the ’ how did we do?’ annual talk, twisted the figures to such an extent that it looked like the congregations ministry was in tip-top shape. He had said to me before the meeting that it would be too demoralising to give the facts as they were so he felt the need to ‘spin’ them to raise morale! It seemed to backfire because the congregations ministry continued on its downward spiral.

    2) WT conductor in my hall informed me that the branch had sent through a letter with specific instructions on how the WT reader should read and at what exact points they should enter and exit the platform. I decided to call him out on this one (usually was the meek & mild type) and asked him to show me the letter. He refused saying that it was a confidential letter and I should just accept what he was saying because he was an elder and I wasn’t. I suggested that he should just show me the wording and redact the rest of the letter because if the instructions were so specific I would want to make sure that nothing was lost in translation. He went ballistic and began to threaten my position as an MS. At this point I told him that I thought he was lying and that the specific instructions he said had come from the branch had actually come from his tiny, jumped-up little brain. He stormed off and I took it to some of the other elders. Guess what? He was a first rate liar. Elders confirmed for me that none of them were aware of his ‘rules’ but that I should follow his instruction anyway. I informed them that I would not deal with such a brazen liar and am only interested in fact. Elder disappeared off body a few years later.

    3) The reasoning given for the separate bookstudy evening being stopped. Something about petroleum costs? Don’t think so. How about countries where car ownership or travel costs are not part of the equation because everyone walks. Why did they have to stop their book Studies? Must be more to it.

  • snugglebunny
    Why did they have to stop their book Studies? Must be more to it.

    IMHO it was to stop unsupervised socialising among the dubbies. Lots of negs surfacing over the last few years, too easy for an exchange of doubts at such get-togethers.

  • Giordano

    I haven't been in a congregation for fifty or so years however the deception of Geoffrey Jackson and Branch Elders and congregational Elders answering ARC questions under the guise of their sworn oath showed how dishonest these people can and will be.

    And it took a few years......... Farmer Jim....... for the other Elders to get rid of that lying Elder?

  • pale.emperor
    Why did they have to stop their book Studies? Must be more to it.
    IMHO it was to stop unsupervised socialising among the dubbies. Lots of negs surfacing over the last few years, too easy for an exchange of doubts at such get-togethers.

    I think it was to curtail people starting their own little study groups.

    I can speak of one example i personally know about. My uncle was single and so he and other single brothers arranged their own little study group round his house every week with pizza and other snacks. The brothers really wanted to delve into the deeper things of God and give good answers for the Sunday meetings etc. and so used outside resources like bible encyclopedias, Wikipedia, to compare over 150 different bible translations etc.

    Other groups popped up after his one for the sisters. Then things like this were happening in more places. The CO went nuts and put a stop to it. It must have been happening on a global scale because next thing you know Bethel makes independent study groups "a sin". Imagine... studying the bible outside of the Watchtower magazines is a sin!

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    They read a letter from the Society some years ago and announced that there would be a new and loving provision from Jehovah that was meant to ease the burdens of the brothers handling the literature by going to a donation basis rather than having a set price for it.

    It turns out this was done to avoid having to pay sales tax like the other fundamentalist religions do when they sell their literature and religious trinkets . Avoiding taxes seems like a legit reason to make this change but why not "own it" rather than lying by passing it off as a blessing from Jehovah?

  • waton

    Belittling common or scientific knowledge to claim a superior position, and then proceeding to spew nonsense : examples

    Instructor in elder class: "Now, I am not a mechanic, but finding the motor in the trunk really surprised me therefore:--

    CO, about the reversing shadow on the king's steps: " Now, I am not a physicist or an astronomer, but let us see how this event affects your prayers.--

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Getting rid of the book studies? After all these child sex abuse cases, and pedophiles attending them in people's homes, I think it was a legal move to keep the Society from having to battle court cases regarding abuse done in people's homes.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    We are going to put all of the Kingdom Halls in the name of the WT corporation to keep apostates from taking them over and selling them for their own profit! haha! ("We want to")

  • User99

    @cha ching,

    They actually made up that excuse about apostates to get buy-in for the great KH takeover? Wow, that's crazy!

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    The two separate instances of ministerial servants being removed right after the CO's visit because their service hours were below quota, but both of them saving face by telling everyone that they 'decided' to step down for personal reasons.

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