JWs kinda admit to not being Christian

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  • NikL

    During the book study which is basically a book all about the history of "Gods Organization" ©

    A paragraph that hit me like a ton of the proverbial bricks was this...

    9 First, Jehovah’s servants came to have the proper view of the importance of God’s name. Faithful early Bible Students viewed the ransom arrangement as the Bible’s main teaching. That explains why the Watch Tower often focused on Jesus. For example, in its first year of publication, the magazine mentioned the name Jesus ten times more than the name Jehovah. Regarding the Bible Students’ early years, The Watchtower of March 15, 1976, noted that they gave “overbalanced importance” to Jesus. In time, though, Jehovah helped them to discern the prominence that the Bible gives to God’s personal name. How did that affect the Bible Students? Especially from 1919 onward, says the same Watchtower article, “they began showing more appreciation for Messiah’s heavenly Father, Jehovah.” In fact, during the decade following 1919, The Watch Tower mentioned God’s name over 6,500 times!

    10 By giving the name Jehovah proper recognition, our brothers showed their love for God’s name. Like Moses of old, they set out to “declare the name of Jehovah.” (Deut. 32:3; Ps. 34:3) In turn, as promised in the Scriptures, Jehovah took note of their love for his name and showed them favor.—Ps. 119:132; Heb. 6:10.

    Even though I was a witness for years I thought "the ransom arrangement" WAS the Bible’s main teaching. I guess I was a lousy student.

    To downplay his sacrifice and ransom is kinda like denying Jesus IMHO.

    What say you?

    What thinks you?

  • sparrowdown

    Hell yeah, they definitely put Jesus in the corner. Actually I remember how they used to point out quite regularly that the congregations belonged to Jesus and he was the head of the org, now....not so much - if at all, it's always "Jehovah's organization."

    Plus, what kind of anul-retentive psycho keeps a running total of the times Jehovah and Jesus are mentioned and turns it into a competition? Oh that's right WT.

  • steve2

    So I guess they turn the other way when the Scripture is mentioned about Jesus having the name above all others and the other Scripture about there is no name other than Jesus through whom all mankind will be saved...

  • Diogenesister

    Oh but my poor dear mistaken boy, the Bibles main teaching is the vindication of correction of his bad reputationJehovah's name whoops I mean the declaration of his big bet with Satan universal sovereignty

    Jesus? Where have I heard that name before?

  • Steel

    I saw this speaker talk once about " the name of god " and starting using old testament examples. We are protected by name of god, the name of god is in him, the name traveled to met us. The ark of the conevant is call the name. Etc etc.

    What it really means is the essence or power of God. It often just used to refer to God himself. It Hebrew it is called the shema.

    It has nothing to do with four letters or just saying a magical word. The jw have reduced the bible to Harry Potter on this issue.

  • nicolaou

    Well no, not really. It's just your definition of 'christian' that they don't meet.

  • NikL
    Well no, not really. It's just your definition of 'christian' that they don't meet.

    Fair enough nic.

  • freddo

    Yes I endured that nonsense yesterday, sitting on my hands so as not to raise one of them and say how come Isaiah 43 v 10 is given more weight than Revelation 17 v 6 and Acts 1 v 8.

    That was after I wondered why the globe in the Stephen Lett video was spinning the wrong way.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    "That was after I wondered why the globe in the Stephen Lett video was spinning the wrong way."

    Only in your opinion. Evidence has to be interpreted and although you may interpret the Earth to spin that way others interpret it differently. I know a scientist who has said that all the text books are wrong and that is coming from a scientist who has lost his job because of the world wide Satanic conspiracy to mislead everyone. Don't be misled for time is short. Your local Kingdom Hall has many leaflets that will correct your thinking so run there now before religion is banned and you get shut out in the cold.

  • freddo

    It was also ironic that of the 40 in attendance (out of a publisher count of 75) that the only "youths" (under 18 years old) there were a 4 year old boy who was fast asleep on a chair, and a 12 year old autistic boy who sat transfixed with his mouth open.

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