March broadcast - Tightpants Tony wants to be filmed in action

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  • Poztate
    Now why would someone even contemplate wanting a video of 7+ billion people being killed is the real question.

    Tight Pants Tony™ might be thinking of a video of Armageddon as a kind of teaching tool. Say if you "lucked in" to dying before Armageddon struck and now brought back to life. You don't need to have any WT articles or "new light" publications studied to make you tow the new and improved paradise line.

    You could just have the shit scared out of you with the video that the next time you die (after 1000 years) it's going to be gooey and nasty when the "God of Love" has to toast your Ass for not obeying the new and improved GB

  • nowwhat?

    In sure it will be mandatory weekly viewing for the thousand years

  • Finkelstein

    These video segments from the JWorg headquarters get shown to all Kingdom Halls do they not ?

    Isn't that why they put large video monitors at the Kingdom Halls these days. ?

    Sure is nice materiel for children to watch.

  • sir82

    Sure is nice materiel for children to watch.

    Oh you don't even have to wait for videos for objectionable material.

    The Watchtower lesson from 3-4 weeks ago went into explicit detail on what exactly a "lap dance" is:

    Lap dancing is defined as “an activity in which a usually seminude performer sits and gyrates on the lap of a

    customer.” Depending on the facts of an actual situation, this could constitute sexual immorality requiring

    judicial action. A Christian who has taken part in such activity should seek help from the elders.​—Jas. 5:14, 15.

    How'd you like to be mommy or daddy on that ride home from the Kingdom Hall?

    "Mommy, are you going to do a lap dance for daddy tonight? Can I watch? Sounds like fun!"

  • john.prestor

    Help from the elders, the author means they should turn themselves in so the elders can shame them and throw them out. Their euphemisms will never cease to amaze me.

  • flipper

    SIR 82- Interesting info. Thanks for sharing. I remember several years ago on this board someone shared an excerpt of a talk Anthony Morris gave and he was going on and on about how most of the JW's - he called them " brothers & sisters " won't have the stomach for seeing Armageddon happen like him, because he allegedly fought in Vietnam and saw blood, guts, and people dying. So he had more experience seeing people die- allegedly. So in his mind - he puts himself above every other JW because he's " been there, done that " in his words.

    Such an arrogant, pompous asshole. So yes, I agree with you. This seems to be a big part of his personality- enjoying seeing people getting slaughtered, bludgeoned, and massacred to pieces. Even wants it on film . What a sadistic, narcissistic sociopath ! Good god man. With leaders like that running an organization and 8 million JW's minds- is it any wonder how hateful, unaccepting, and lacking any human empathy most JW's are ? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree man. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I think many JWs including some of the governing body have actually stopped believing in the literal truthfulness in what they are preaching. For example the belief that God will murder all those who don't listen to JWs. Tight Pants Tony in particular is giving off these vibes sounding conflicted when talking about it.

    Largely due to the shunning policy, there are so many non believers (PIMOs) in the ranks that I see a new departure here, the next development in the decline of the Watchtower cult. What the GB are now looking for-- or soon will be, is to see just how loyal individuals can be in remaining with the org and parrot the JW spiel even though they know its all nonsense!

  • Gorbatchov

    This man is crazy.

    But many jw's like this stuff.

    An apostle Paul guy.


  • LoyalLeon

    I love taking a leave of absence for a couple of days from this board, digesting some wholesome spiritual food and realizing upon coming back here, that others developed the exact same thoughts than me.

    First I stumbled about John Evans analysis of the Anthony Morris Morning Worship in the other thread to find just a second later this thread where sir82 puts into a nutshell the whole 37-minute-video of Lloyd Cedars. Both just putting into words my exact thoughts on the matter.

    Another prove that what convinces me of the erroneousness of the JW religion are not apostate sites, but JW Broadcasting does a spectacular job on it's own, showing how delusional the org is.

    And I agree with John Cedars/Lloyd Evans in this, that Tony Morris III is suffering from PTBS and he makes 8 billion people suffer from the fact that he never recovered from his Vietnam experiences.

    What about letting the chairman at the next convention he participates in announce: "And now we're eager to hear the concluding remarks from our future King and Co-Executioner Anthony Morris III...."

  • Finkelstein

    OK Anthony lets start whacking non worshipers, hand me a clip, this will be like Vietnam for you but with a Armageddon twist.

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