March broadcast - Tightpants Tony wants to be filmed in action

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  • sir82

    Did anyone else notice this?

    Tony Tightpants has the "morning worship" featurette in the March JW broadcast.

    He appears to be hoping that someone will be videotaping the slaughter of 7 billion men, women, and children at Armageddon.

    Quote is something like "We have some really good videographers here at Bethel, but I don't think even they could capture what will happen. Still, all things are possible with God..." (Not exact, but that is the gist).

    And of course Morris imagines himself as one of the "anointed", who will be the ones, per WT doctrine, to conduct the slaughter.

    It takes a special kind of hubris, arrogance, and sadism to wish that you yourself could be filmed in the act of slaughtering billions of people.

    I've encountered a lot of JWs with "dark souls", but based on his public comments, I'd say Morris has teh blackest one I've seen.

    If he says stuff like this for broadcast to 8 million + JWs, what does he say in private?
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    It is conceivable that he doesn't actually believe it himself--but adores being in control.

  • john.prestor

    Torture porn anyone? I thought that stuff could get you thrown out.

  • slimboyfat

    I took “capture what will happen” to mean “portray now in fictional video format” rather than “film during it happening”.

  • WillYouDFme

    Yes, just like what slimboy said - now - a depiction of what it would look like.

    Now why would someone even contemplate wanting a video of 7+ billion people being killed is the real question.

    Would this be a good thing to look at?

    Maybe it would. Maybe JWs might see that their loving dog is not all that loving after all.

  • dubstepped

    Yeah, like SBF said, he wasn't asking that it be recorded on video, he was talking about the difficulty in creating a video today that would do it justice. Now he did go on to call the deaths of everyone "spectacular" several times, but the comment about video was clear though clumsily said. He had just stated how they made the Hezekiah video and was stating how difficult it would be to depict this latest "spectacular" slaughtering of humans.

  • sir82

    Yeah, that might well be what he had in mind.

    Then again, why the "all things are possible with God" comment? Like God cares if Larry the Bethelite Videographer can come up with the CGI to depict a few hundred million infants & children dripping with blood?

    Pretty much either way, though, it seems rather ghoulish.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    You know, someone should give him his wish. Show women, children and babies being "gloriously" killed. The reality of what would actually happen. Children on their way to school, killed. A woman with a baby, just after bathing it. Two nice old people sharing a cup of tea. People standing in line at the supermarket. At a hospital. Witnesses just as they leave their house and wave at their neighbor, see the angels slaughter them.

    I'm sure most witnesses don't contemplate what it really entails. It would be shocking.

  • sparky1

    " were sittin' around the Governing Body table last Wednesday and we were talkin' about makin' a new video about Armageddon. Ya know....killin' kids, old ladies, dogs and fags and stuff like that. We really got inta it. Finally, that dope Sanderson says : "Whose gonna play Jehovah in our new production?" I nearly pissed my pants when that egg-head Jackson volunteered to play God. I said, look Jackson you couldn't stand up to them fairies on that Royal Commission, how do you think you can stand up and coordinate the slayin' every living thing on earth for our new movie! Nope, I'm playin' Jehovah or you can count me out of this production. I sure showed 'em, didn't I kids?"

  • Finkelstein

    When it looks like your long standing doctrines were false (ie.1914)(This Generation) and it looks like the organization's growth is slowing down, crank up the fear to sustain what you have makes sense to a corrupt fear mongering religious cult .

    One thing the WTS and its leaders never took into recognition is the sin of false prophecy and being identified as being one.

    I doubt it very much that god would grant power over all earthly things to men who were devious false Prophets running their publishing house, the WTS leaders took that power for themselves through egregious exploitative sin.

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