Many Witnesses are just plain tired out!

by UnshackleTheChains 21 Replies latest jw experiences

  • LongHairGal

    I am of the opinion that many Witnesses are on medications because of the religion's failed promises in addition to people in trouble because the religion discouraged them from planning for their future.

    Witnesses suppress many negative things about the religion in addition to out and out lying to defend it. The price they pay for this self-deception is mental anguish. Some call it cognitive dissonance. They can't deal so they get medicated. They believe it when the religion tells them they are suffering because of "Satan's world".

    Once I exited from the religion all those years ago, I was better off mentally. This is no coincidence.

  • Spiral

    LongHairGal, I agree 100%. The JWs have created a whole culture of suffering and depression for "righteousness' sake". I am also far better off mentally leaving it all behind.

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