People keep sending me messages saying "what happened?"

by slimboyfat 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I don't view you as obnoxious, SBF.

    As one having a contrarian spirit, perhaps. But there's nothing wrong with approaching a subject from different angles.

  • tornapart

    Just glad to see you back Slim. Whatever reasons you had for going away and then coming back again are yours alone and you don't need to explain it to any of us. I've always enjoyed your posts so all I can say great to see you here again!

  • dropoffyourkeylee
    If I see that SBF has commented, I open the post even if I wouldn't have otherwise. Nearly always rewarded with an unexpected viewpoint.
  • cognac

    Hey Slim, I think when you left and the way it was done really struck a nerve with a lot of people, including me, based on what was going on in our personal lives.

    It's bothered me not knowing what happened but it's your choice to say or not say what happened.

    You put it out there that you are going back to the JWs because you believed it was the truth. You could have just left or said good-bye. Obviously, people are wondering what the hell happened. If you didn't want the questions it's my opinion that it shouldn't have been put out there to begin with.

  • nonjwspouse

    I would get a bit put off of someone I never met tried to "analyze " me, or ask questions that are really kind of personal too.

    I am just glad you are back. Curiosity will just get the best of some people.

    I just hope you are not put off enough to leave the forum. That would be a loss for the people where

  • Landy

    So..............what happened?

  • slimboyfat
    Sorry I didn't mean to say I was annoyed about messages or anything. Just I haven't thought of a good answer to write. People being interested what's happened to you is always better than the alternative, right? But like someone who contacted me agreed, once you say some things they can't be unsaid. There are some things I wish I never told people. Plus sometimes I think my story sounds fantastic and who would believe it anyway.
  • _Morpheus

    Slim, im already on record saying i dont care why you came back and that its your prerogative... However my dear cognac has explained to me why she feels as she does and i can understand her point.

    You were here for a long time and all of a sudden proclaimed that you were going back to the org and that you once again accepted jw's as having the truth, that you were going to ask the desert god for forgivnees etc etc.... Thats a pretty profound thing to say. It took some people for a loop, as it were, and took a little something from them personally. Thats not your fault in and of itself, but it was the very public way you did it and the very personal proclamation of rediscovery regarding the religious virtues of the witness that seems to have some wondering so much how you went from witness to nonbeliever to witness back to here again and did so in a very public way.

    im not pushing you to make a statment nor do i believe personally you owe me or anyone else an explanation but having talked to cognac and hearing her view on it i just wanted to share how she and others may be feeling about this from an impartial non emotionally involved persons view, maybe explain it in a way that they are not because it hit them so close to home.

    whatever you choose slim I wish you all the best and happines :)

  • nicolaou

    Don't sweat it Slim', too many thin skinned, waiting to be offended cry babies with nothing constructive to post.

    I can't recall you posting anything offensive, nonsense bullcrap about relativism sure but offensive? C'mon . . .

  • Oubliette

    SBF: Plus sometimes I think my story sounds fantastic and who would believe it anyway.

    We would. Everyone here has demonstrated that propensity to believe the unbelievable!

    Seriously, now your just teasing us. Completely unfair.

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