Are the anointed really "lovely people"?

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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    My experience was with elderly JWs who took the emblems in the late nineteen sixties to the eighties. To outsiders they certainly would have been considered odd or nutty but then people born at the end of the previous century were not socially homogenised by television and the other media in the subtle way we are induced to conform today. The other consideration is the fact that old people are often losing their mental sharpness, if they ever had it.

    I am actually very glad to have known a local old 'partaker' in London UK who in the 1930s had worked with Rutherford himself in New York. He was at the end of his life and losing his memory a bit, also he was treated shabbily by the elders in the cong. When I began to see gaping flaws in the JW vision, I broached the matter with him and he replied confidentially for me to keep my own counsel, which I did... and accelerated the long fade.

  • Hecce
    No, the majority are not "lovely".
  • Hecce


    I knew Salvino Ferrari and I agree 100% with you, I think his wife's name was Helen.

  • sir82

    I knew one old-school anointed guy 30+ years ago, Rutherford era, maybe even had been in at the tail-end of Russell's time. He had a certain intensity about him, yet he was humble. My younger self was impressed.

    In the 30+ years since, every single "anointed" I've come to know was bonkers, on a scale ranging from "harmlessly" through "mildly" to "completely". to "stark raving". None have inspired confidence in their ability to "rule as kings and priests".

  • SafeAtHome
    Growing up in the 60s our cong had 2, elderly man and woman. Both were foreign and could speak and read English but could be barely understood when they spoke. Lady was a widow and was taken care of by family but man was alone in the world and will have to say, cong looked after him and provided him a trailer in walking distance of KH. They were in their 80s so probably were original Bible Students or whatever they were called back then. They were mostly respected because of their age I would imagine. Then I remember a couple younger unstable real nut jobs who would partake on and off. One guy was schizophrenic, thought the government was after him, spying and so forth. Even had his mail delivered to someone else's house. Sounds like that is the type mostly partaking now from the experiences here.
  • sparky1

    It seems as though many from the first half of the 'overlapping generation' of anointed ones were much more sincere, humble, hard working and kind compared to the second half of the 'overlapping generation' of so-called anointed ones. As a young boy in the early '60's and into my teenaged years in the early '70's I was acquainted with 6 very old members of the so-called 'anointed class'. Gordon Walker and his wife were very old and kind and generous to my mother. Elizabeth 'Bessie' Graham and her aunt were of strong New England stock. They were no-nonsense people and very down to earth and humble. The mother of Russell McPhee, the Circuit Overseer, was a nice, thoughtful person. And Edith Brenneisen , the widow of E.W. Brenneisen was kind and generous to a fault. Of course, my observations were through the eyes of youth and could be distorted by my inexperience. As far as the members of the second half of the 'overlapping generation' are concerned, if the men on the Governing Body (tm) are a reflection of the quality of the current so-called anointed remnant, than what a sad commentary indeed on the state of affairs in 'Jehovah's Organization'.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    I knew the DO/CO fulano mentioned, and confirm his story.

    In my city there was an old lady anointed. Imagine one of those old hunched strange ladies that feed doves on town square? That's her, but minus the bird feed and plus the WT/Awake.

    She had been DFED for immorality and reinstated later, anointed all the way anyway.

    Always out in FS, especially street preaching. A known face in town.

    Once she app roaches a guy in a wheelchair, reads a verse: 'look, you can walk again!' They guy politely declined the lit offer. "Then just keep in your wheelchair!" she blurted out, and rushed off

    Final years she became even weirder, shouting at bank telllers when she was out of money and stuff. Probably first signs of dementia.

    She was quite kind, but quite weird as well. Not someone I would trust with my kingdom...

  • LongHairGal

    Sorry to say it, but a few I remember were just plain nasty and arrogant.

    I always felt they used their "position" (if you want to call it that) as an excuse to say whatever the hell they wanted. It was like a free pass to be obnoxious and STILL have some people fawn over them.

    Even back when I was a "believer" I felt something was wrong. I never looked up to these people and the only consideration they got from me was because of their advanced age.

    As for any of the NEWER ones claiming they are anointed, I'd laugh in their face!

  • fulano

    @Hesse....Yes his wife was Helen, very modest and kind as well. H.S. Still active, the DO I mentioned?

  • Diogenesister

    I've known a few but the two I knew well one was very old, an outstandingly cantankerous so and so. Of that generation whereby they were all anointed simply by virtue of their being witnesses pre ' 35 - which may explain the normality and humility of some, after all they didn't ' self diagnose' . The other was the stern and vigilant wife of our p.o., a women who outshone her elder husband in the mental faculties by some measure.I believe her ' anointing' by and large a way for her to cope with the injustice of her situation, subject to her inferior mate only by virtue of her sex.

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