Favorite & LEAST favorite CO's? DO's?

by HereIgo 24 Replies latest jw experiences

  • karter

    Joe134cd totley agree Han Huber was a control freak and jack teasy was a single women hater. Willford and Betty john a lovely couple always loved children and on their 90's said "if we had known the system would go on this long we would have had children " ...they would have made great parents. Karter.

  • blondie

    Knew Ken too and his wife Tottie, lost a child to SIDS. Had left the CO work, much happier. My husband worked with him when they remodeled the Towers.

    He had been worn down by the WTS duplicity as well. Much happier out of the CO work.

  • Funchback

    I never liked any of them, to be honest: Dentler, Conti, Barnett, etc (Pennsylvania).

    They were the most arrogant, pompous and sarcastic people I have ever crossed paths with.

  • James Jack
    James Jack

    Favorites, John Graeff, Jim Crosley, Jerk, Darrell Pickens

  • HereIgo

    Bro Konyavich (Spelling?) Arizona DO, always held up a quarter on the platform to help you pronounce his name, very sociable and excellent speaker, I didn't mind him too much

  • HereIgo

    Chuck Waller, Southern Cali and Arizona DO, nice older man, had kids and grandkids and therefore much more reasonable and approachable, didn't come off as too much of a company man, humble.

  • DwainBowman

    Bill Baxter, was my favorite! I encountered him during the first really low point in my life. He was so kind and understanding!

    Cecil Jones, one of the very last really old school DO's, a Rutherford trained asshole, to the MAXX!

    I have lived so many places and met so many, but I have always had name recall problems!

  • Wayward

    My corner of PA had a Bro. Henriques. Can't remember his first name or his wife's name. Nice couple. He pronounced his name 'Henricks'. An old sister in the KH said she had known his mother and the family name really was pronounced Hen-rie-quez.

    Another was Bill Moon. He and his wife were really lovely people. Bill's health forced him out of circuit work and he came back to my area and settled down. He was one of the few elders I ever had any respect for. Bill passed away several years ago.

    Then there was the one whose name I can't remember who dared to lecture me on my choice of profession. Said women weren't meant to work in construction and that I should get married and let my husband take care of me.

  • LongHairGal

    I never thought much of circuit overseers and thought it was silly that Witnesses wanted to impress them and were worried about what they thought! Ridiculous.

    I especially thought that it was stupid that people were competing to see who would get the "privilege" of serving them dinner and accommodating their finicky dietary needs, to boot!!

    I'd NEVER have fed these guys who make disparaging remarks about people who work full-time jobs! I wouldn't even want them in my home. They are undeserving and I have no use for them...Where do these people think money comes from??

    These nobodies can go eat at a fast food place for all I care.

  • Chook

    There was one in Australia who no one wanted him more than once, Malcolm Clar..

    pure company man who cared little for the publisher. The God of watchtower would be proud of this bastard.

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