Favorite & LEAST favorite CO's? DO's?

by HereIgo 24 Replies latest jw experiences

  • HereIgo
    Some were humble, but their were a few pompous asses who thought they were Gods gift to the Org and acted like they were CEO's of a Fortune 500 company...
  • hoser

    Wayne Johnson and Larry Erickson.

  • Ucantnome

    I cant think of one i didn't like. My father who was an elder wasn't keen on one or two. Maybe it was different if you were an elder.

  • scratchme1010

    I remember one guy from Cuba who was a CO in Puerto Rico, and he was the worst case of Narcissistic Personality disorder I've ever seen.

    Then there was this one who was very personable and humble, and I could tell that he enjoyed what he was doing (or faked it really, really well). He was good at being a person to look up to.

  • pbrow

    Brother Limon... was in madison wi area in the early 80's... Always brought us kids up on the stage and did Bible story book "trivia"

    I loved that guy


  • HereIgo
    Bro Murikami (spelling?), AZ Circuit 2004ish, very humble man, Bro David Schroeder, humble, but a real company man. D. Allen Phegley, pompous, arrogant, and all about money. Always bragged about his millionaire friends. During pioneer school, I handed him a $20 he snatched it out of my hand and looked up waiting for the next donation like he was a celebrity, excellent speaker though.
  • stillin

    Love these threads!

    Bob Simons was a genuine people-person. Dennis Raftopolis, same thing.

    Had some real cardboard cut-out ones too. Smiley faced but not at all interested. Just going through the motions.

  • blondie

    Brother Limon... was in madison wi area in the early 80's... Always brought us kids up on the stage and did Bible story book "trivia"


    That was Bud Lyman....wife Winnie...became a jw in his 40's, daughter killed in car accident. He was a nice guy but they ground him down and he left the CO work to be closer to his granddaughter.

    I remember he asked the elders from the platform how many knew the young ones (19 and younger) in their congregation....their names and greeted them at the meeting. After talking to the children before the meeting, he had their names down and he interviewed them on stage. They were comfortable right away with him and his wife. He stressed that the elders and other older jws take the time at each meeting to get to know younger ones, especially their own children.

    But he wasn't able to stand up to the administration in a couple of cases that ended up being swept under the rug....it haunted him.

  • joe134cd

    Jack Teasy was a half ass and Hans Hubler was a total ass. I actually wonder why Hans lasted as long as he did before they removed him. Joe Slayman was a nice guy, hence he is now on here with us.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I remember Lyman. He was one of the better ones. Him and Ken Eberline.

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