New kingdom hall Washington State

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  • punkofnice
  • smiddy3

    I have a mental picture of religious buildings of all persuasions around the world and this Jehovah`s Witness building has to be the most uninspiring religious building I have ever seen and quite frankly no J.W.kingdom hall has ever had that Spiritual look or feel about it .

    None of them have ever inspired Reverence or Holiness about them ,think and compare them to Solomon`s Temple or even the Tabernacle as depicted in the Bible .

    Now think and compare Christendoms Churches ,Islams Mosques ,and Jewish Synagogues , even non Christian .religions they all have an awe about them as Holy places that captivates even non believers .

    But not Jehovah`s Witness Kingdom halls.They could be just low functioning community halls as far as the general public are concerned .

  • waton

    A fore taste of the paradise in the 1000 year kingdom, (the one that WT is not preaching).

    Here is what you get with socialism, state control, kingdom control.

    Local congregations used to take pride in their hall, contributing tens of thousands, working on it, lavishly. Now with wt owner ship, this, or something spelt with the same letters.

  • sir82

    Here is what you get with socialism, state control, kingdom control.

    LOL - that's it!

    If the USSR's Central Committee on Glorious Communist Architecture would have held a meeting to design a Kingdom Hall, this is exactly what it would look like.

  • JeffT

    After thinking about this for a bit I have to say this building is not designed for resale, at least not by somebody that knows what he's doing. This is cheap construction without intrinsic value. It will also be harder to convert to another use than you might think. Most businesses will probably rather build their own building than buy this ugly duckling.

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