New kingdom hall Washington State

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  • waton
    So is this the new design they came up with? When they revamped the RBC?

    Perhaps in more populous regions, corners, they will have the all-glass entrance, ATM machine look added.

  • _Morpheus
    *Ahem* none of these posts indicate the cult has collapsed

    Did you think trying to imitate my syntax would win you some sort of bonus points dispite the fact that your wrong? Im sure reading comprehension isnt your strong suit so i wont bother quoting the specifics of the numerous threads i linked. Im also sure your villiage has sent a search party to find you. When they get you home, have someone read and explain them to you.

  • undercover

    Terrible design for a religious center. Decent enough (not attractive, but practical) design for resale later, when the land becomes more valuable and retail centers are popping up right and left.

  • slimboyfat

    No one is saying Watchtower is collapsing. Watchtower is clearly collapsing. When you look at all the evidence it is difficult to deny, unless you’re Morph.

  • Are you serious
    Are you serious
    When you look at all the evidence it is difficult to deny, unless you’re Morph.

    Exactly! It sure is easy to get him riled up😂.

  • _Morpheus

    Lol thats pretty damn funny

  • careful


    Thanks for your research and bringing together all those SBF posts. It must have taken you some time. Yes, the little vid was funny.

    As for the OP here, that KH design was approved 3 or so years ago for use all over the USA for all new KHs. It is pretty abysmal, but it may indeed be looking forward to resale, as several posters here have said. It may also be to scare active R&F into submission during the consolidation period still going on. "Do what we say or you'll wind up meeting in one of the new KHs. Do you want that?"

  • sparrowdown

    Since JWs are incapable of thinking outside of the box they will now have great boxes to (not) think in.

  • LV101


    I've actually heard a couple are excited to attend new hall. Probably closer to their home and they might be tired of old, reconstructed/remodeled halls. It's not like they're used to worshipping in a beautiful gothic cathedral like St. Patricks so what's the difference - just another cold, business/sales meeting model.

  • zeb

    Jeff T; 'That is a seriously ugly building.' You said it for me JT.

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