Excuses for God

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    What about the Goddess?
  • punkofnice

    I think people feel they need to hang on to their delusion of an imaginary friend, despite knowing they are making crap up to get around it. Logic? Nah, how did god do it? He uses magic. Yayyyyy. I believe!

    I seem to think that in the bible, the older the fairy story, is the weirder the story.

    EG. Talking snakes. Global floods. Talking asses.

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  • baker
    don't leave out fish swallowing a man and keeping him alive for what he says was 3 days and nites. If he was in darkness in the fish, how did he know it was night time? Imagine if today someone claimed to have been swallowed by a fish, would you throw dirt on yourself and believe him, or call 911 and turn him in as completely off his rocker.
  • OnTheWayOut
    Recently, Christendom theologians have come out with their "best" explanation of suffering—Suffering exists because ‘God too wants to experience suffering through the suffering of humans, or when we go through suffering, Jesus and His Father are completing their suffering through us.’

    Is so, then "God" is the biggest psychopath ever.

    I see that belief was created by primitive men to answer the big question, "Why?" We could have outgrown it by now, but men took advantage of belief and created religion. Religion was invented to make people feel guilty about things they did or said or thought, then sell them a way to appease that guilt.

    I won't argue your agnosticism vs. my atheism. It's a matter of semantics. Atheism, to me, is the broadest sense of the word- the absence of belief in the existence of deities. In my case, I can say with confidence that none of the deities that man has created are real. To me, saying that such a position lacks "proof" is like saying there is a lack of proof that Santa Claus doesn't exist. We can follow the history of the creation of Santa Claus or "Jehovah" in one part of our brain, and then accept their existence in another part of our brain. This is the stuff of the novel, "1984."

    I find most true agnostics are [agnostic atheists]. Wiki: "Agnostic atheists are atheistic because they do not hold a belief in the existence of any deity and agnostic because they claim that the existence of a deity is either unknowable in principle or currently unknown in fact." So, as a matter of semantics, people will drop either half of that title, drop a portion of that definition, or add their own specifics to the definition. I find that most who accept the title of "agnostic" or "atheist" both think they have thought it out beyond the people who cling to the "other" title.

    I see that ideas about god have evolved to the idea that a god should be perfect, all-knowing, all-wise, and typically all-good. I definitely don't think that the writer of Genesis thought that. Most gods were created as just all-powerful and maybe all-knowing, but with character flaws. Even the god that Jews created was angry and jealous. But as man became more sophisticated in philosophy, his gods had to be elevated to fit his philosophies.

  • Vidiot

    @ xelder (re. the OP)...

    Wouldn't the very need to bend over backwards to justify said belief...

    ...undermine the veracity of said belief?

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