Last Week's Watchtower had something that made people start questioning things?

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I think it only fair that we take a look at the next 2 paragraphs about was Jehovah a bit harsh on Job? The GB don't think so and here's why:

    12 Was Jehovah harsh in giving such straightforward counsel after Job had endured so severe a trial? God was not, and Job did not think so. Despite his ordeal, Job finally began to speak appreciatively. He even stated: “I take back what I said, and I repent in dust and ashes.” Such was the effect of Jehovah’s pointed but refreshing counsel. (Job 42:1-6) Earlier, Job had also received corrective counsel from young Elihu. (Job 32:5-10) After Job responded to God’s reproof and corrected his view, Jehovah expressed to others his approval of Job’s faithfulness under trial.—Job 42:7, 8.

    So once Jehovah scared the shit out of Job he began speaking "appreciatively" of Jehovah and repented by covering himself with dust and ashes and stopped asking question about Jehovah and took it on the chin. And now that Job had been corrected by God then Jehovah gave him a new family to make it up to him over his bet with Satan which he technically lost.

    13. How would Jehovah’s counsel benefit Job long after his trials?
    13 Jehovah’s counsel would continue to benefit Job even after his trials were over. How so? Well, though “Jehovah blessed the last part of Job’s life more than the beginning,” restoration and recovery must have taken time. He later “came to have seven more sons and three more daughters.” (Job 42:12-14) Surely Job missed his children who died earlier at Satan’s hand. For some time, he likely experienced vivid memories of his suffering. Even if he eventually better understood the reason for his trials, he may on occasion have thought about why it was necessary for him to suffer to such an extent. Whatever his thoughts, he could reflect on God’s counsel. Doing so would help him maintain the proper perspective and, in turn, provide comfort.—Ps. 94:19, ftn.

    Yes his reflection on God's scare tactic had work so well that if Job had terrible flash backs or PTSD he could just reflect on more trauma inducing stuff like God speaking out of a storm wind and he will be all better. So back to work you sniveling slaves.

    I think I can see why a lot of people may be jumping ship after a WT study of this one exposing the serious lack of concern for human hardships of the Governing Body/writing department/Watchtower Corporation has for it's members when compare to the issue of Jehovah's praise.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    This blatant attempt to make insignificant any human hardship as compared to the vindication of a worshipped Deity name and honor restored.

    You can't anymore narcissistic than that! This WT must have blasted into the conscious mind of many a member that the GB are a bunch of narcissistic psychos and tell them to go fuck themselves. It is blatant Narcissism too obvious to hide these guys are clearly unfucking hinged nuts. Religious fucking fanatics in true form.

  • steve2

    The book of Job amply illustrates that humans are pawns in the game of universal sovereignty between God and Satan.

    I love the proof of God's goodness: While Job lost all his children in that game, God gave him more children.

  • Maryo
    Observed at the Anglican church I was attending: after the service which included a sermon about Job, a parishioner remarked "Job is my favorite book in the Bible." Another long-time parishioner said "Well, it certainly is NOT mine." This parishioner and his wife were never seen at that church again. A Jewish literary creation intended to teach a moral lesson (of some uncertain kind) is taken (mistakenly) literally by Christians!
  • JW_Rogue

    The story of Job really does illustrate how children and servants were thought of primarily as property of the family head. Satan couldn't touch Job but God allowed him to kill all his kids and servants. What did they do to deserve that?

  • Toshibabadu

    I never understood why God gave Job more children, why didnt he resurrect the ones that were killed. If Job never knew why this was happening, who told moses? or whoever wrote the story, how did they know what happened in heaven?

  • steve2

    Jehovah to Job: "Because you are an obedient and loyal servant of mine, I will give you a choice: Resurrection of all your children that were killed during the test or completely new children? Just bear in mind that resurrection takes far longer to perform, costs more and is not totally foolproof."

    Job: "Okay, Jehovah God, got it. Throw in half a dozen camels and I'll take the completely new children."

    Jehovah: "Consider it done."

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    whoever wrote the story, how did they know what happened in heaven?

    Just believe or just have faith. Probably temporal lobe epilepsy or something, maybe a near death experience or mental musing about man's dependence on loyalty to the deity who knows?

  • waton

    toshibabadu, storytellers of classics (and users of their tales) are above criticism, are not accountable to anyone.

  • Maryo

    The Wikipedia article on Job is very interesting! To me, various things about the book of Job do not make sense and seem wrong. I believe the book of Job is a literary creation/device … as do some (a minority in number) of rabbis in Judaism. It was the Jewish people that wrote the book – I figure they are the best ones to consult about its meaning! I believe that some of the Jewish literary techniques involved mixing some amount of historicity (perhaps a very small amount!) with other fictional literary elements to tell a story. Hence, the consistent use of numbers like 7, 40 and other round numbers throughout the Bible. Job was not speaking of actual events that happened in heaven – this was only a literary creation of the author reflecting the author's philosophy, intent and view of the universe.

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