Strange stalking from JW's...Please help

by Toshibabadu 26 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Skepsis

    What I do when I miss some meetings or when I'm asked to do something like the carts or help in the maintenance work of the Hall is simply to say that I'm busy at the moment and not available because of a personal situation/my job/a course required to attend by my employer or something similar. Don't give more details.

    If they ask how are you doing or if you have some problem, let them know you're fine but busy.

    I prefer text messaging than phone calls as they (especially elders) always want to get some information about you. Giving out details is quite dangerous especially with friends or people you may feel comfortable with.

  • dozy

    Remember that you aren't supposed to be "OK" , so when you reply back it kind of throws them a bit.

    You are either supposed to be totally Satanic in a frenzy of wrongdoing and immorality or ( as per Society videos ) gazing alone mournfully out of dark windows , depressed and remembering all the wonderful times you had in "the truth".

  • dbq407

    I'm surprised anyone has checked up on you at all really. When you become "spiritually" weak in their eyes that seems to be the time when no one wants to check in. No one has checked in on me at all except an elder kept texting to meet about my priveleges and finally i just texted back and said "thanks, but i do not want to talk". Never heard another word ha.

  • EverApostate

    When I was fading, I experienced the same. Dubs would come to my home and would try to figure out what was wrong with me. I would tell them that I have lost my faith in this WT religion due to a number of reasons. I would take that opportunity to tell them the TTATT. And finally they stopped coming

    Finally I wrote the letter of disassociation. All this I did because I was immensely confident that my wife and mom (Still JWs) won’t ditch me, due to my disassociation. It’s again a culture thing and your repercussions may be different. I am from India.

    And I am happier now after leaving the cult. Your situations may be different. Proceed with caution.

  • blondie

    I bet you never had them care about you like this when you were going.

    It will wear off eventually, with a few diehards maybe for a year. Then the obligatory visit just before the circuit overseer's visit so the body of elders can cross you off their list, "tried to contact, did not call back" or something like this. Unless the circuit overseer insists on making his own personal call, he will just take their word for it.

    We still filter our calls, let them go to voice mall first to catch even those that don't list a name or a phone number. We didn't have any e-mail because we never gave ours out to jws. But those can be blocked too.

    I wouldn't worry until you see some jws car sitting down the block from your house either during the day or at night that is there for some time. Take down the plate #, vehicle model (if you can figure it out) and color. If it happens enough to make you uneasy, call the police and just tell them there is a suspicious vehicle and give them the info. They will check on it and it might give the "stalker" a fright.

    My family sent cards, letters, "care packages" of WT literature, sent them back unopened.

    Just remember, it's your life, you can choose who you communicate with. You owe them no explanations, my motto, no pearls before swine.

    Find new friends, at work, at school, neighbors, look up non-jw relatives, etc. And keep posting here, there isn't anything that someone on here hasn't experienced or dealt with.

    Love, Blondie

  • DesirousOfChange

    We never got a call or visit and were told, "We didn't think you'd want a shepherding call."

    Well, they were right, but how did they know? haha

  • steve2

    Two extremes in JW land when people fade: They don't contact you at all or they're all over you like a rash.

    I would bet that, if JW organization ever stops requiring monthly 'field service' reports, the congregational norm would be increasingly towards not contacting you at all - because there'd be nothing in it for them (i.e., counting time).

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