Caption This Photo From The May 2016 WT

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  • Wasanelder Once
  • smiddy

    Her : Aren`t their a lot of women who make up a part of the 144000 in heaven ?

    Him : Of course their are ,many congregations even today have women who are of the anointed.

    Her : Then how is it that this illustration of all the anointed heavenly class in the future , depict everyone as having a beard and not one woman present.

    Him : Good point darling , I often wondered myself how the future heavenly class had beards , as is pictured ,with the enthroned Christ Jesus and even Jehovah himself , and the anointed all having beards ,,yet I got raked over the coals when I tried to grow a beard , makes you wonder doesn`t it.


  • doofdaddy

    Her to him... Not long now and the 6 billion satan worshippers will be fried

    Him to her ....Great especially all those noisy children who annoy us at the park while we're reading our spiritual food

  • Pete Zahut
  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Wife- "Says nothing about Pedofiles....looks like your in the clear honey."

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