Caption This Photo From The May 2016 WT

by JW_Rogue 14 Replies latest social humour

  • JW_Rogue

    HER: "I'm really going enjoy talking to young Billy about his masturbation problem"

    HIM: "Yes, we don't him to turn out out gay, we want him to have a happy marriage filled with hours and hours of reading propaganda together. Even the stuff that is in no way applicable to our lives."

  • Robo Bobo
    Robo Bobo

    Did I cross a line? I can never tell!

  • freemindfade

    "where is your other hand you dirty old man!"

  • steve2

    Not a caption but a comment: Interesting how they almost always show white couples in very middle-class, tasteful settings.

  • Pete Zahut
  • FedUpJW

    Her: Are you reading about masturbating?

    Him: Yes, and with the pictures I have on my WT approved tablet I won't have to use Viagra tonight.

  • Virgochik

    They must not have realized how see-thru the couple's clothing is! Look at ...

    We must find out which congregation they're in so we can offer them spiritual guidance asap.

  • Wayward

    Her: Gee, honey! That sounds like just the thing to spice up our ho-hum sex life!

    Him: Sure does, sweetie! Just don't tell the elders!

  • steve2

    Her: (Smiling broadly)"We white folk always pose for literature photos in tasteful, upper middle-class settings. How neat is that?"

    He: (Smiling but a bit stern) "Shhhh, honey. With the exception of the other sheep and the heavenly class, you know that class distinctions don't exist in Jehovah's organization".

  • Pittsburgh tim
    Pittsburgh tim

    I think the bunker would look nice painted blue!

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