The Second Coming of Christ

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  • maccauk

    the second coming of Christ was in the 1st century at the destruction of Jerusalem the temple the law and the old covenants. SO the new eternal covenant came into force in which people of every tribe tongue and naation would enter into. The New Jerusalem not built by human hands nor with bricks and mortar its spiritual cannot be seen but people will stream to it the sin issue is done there is no more judgment for those in Christ . Almighty God poured out his anger on Christ instead of mankind as an atoning sacrifce buying back what adam had lost. Where there is no law there is no sin where there is no sin there is no judgment.where there is no judgment there is no death. Christ did it all for past present and future. Thats the Good News of The Kingdom for all mankind

    as it is written no one will have the need for anyone to teach his neighbour for they will all know me says the Lord. When messiah returned for his elect in 70ad the new covenant meant that the true worshippers would worship in spirit and truth and not in anything made by human hands. The destruction of the temple, jerusalam, the law, and the old covenant meant he now dwells in those who love Christ . The mystery of the ages not known for generations was revealed to the gentiles by Paul and that great mystery is Christ in you the hope of Glory . The new Isreal is Christ the new jerusalem in which people from every tribe nation and tongue will come of which no man is able to number. . All things fulfilled 2000 years ago. Its done call upon the Lord Jesus and enter in

  • Xanthippe
    and the old covenant meant he now dwells in those who love Christ ..........and that great mystery is Christ in you

    I always found the idea of Christ dwelling inside me creepy. Sounds like possession or some kind of science fiction story about aliens who can take over your mind. Why do you like the idea?

  • ttdtt

    All I want to know was if it was if he doubled dipped with the same woman, or did he move to a different chick?

    And was it good for her too?

  • OnTheWayOut

    So,if you subscribe to the thought that the "second coming" was not so clearly an easily-viewed arrival with an army of angels or trumpet blasts or whatever, but rather that the temple destruction meant that Christ was there now in a spiritual temple, do you also subscribe to the thoughts similar to Jehovah's Witnesses that people needed a "sign of Jesus presence" or arrival?

    Because, let me tell you. It seems that the Bible was clearly written to indicate that people expected Christ to literally and physically return within a generation (40 years or so) of the time of his death. And I would say that they were greatly disappointed that he did not literally and physically return. The cult of Christianity should have died off.

  • David_Jay

    After the Holocaust, Christendom formally rejected this idea of "the law, and the old covenant...dwells in those who love Christ," as you wrote. For over 50 years, beginning in the Roman Catholic Church and then spreading throughout most mainstream Protestant and Evangelical movements, formal dialogue began between Christianity and Judaism.

    By the year 2000, all formal proselytizing efforts of the Jewish people ended in the Catholic Church, and in 2015 the Vatican released the landmark document entitled “The Gifts and the Calling of God are Irrevocable,” stating that the covenant between God and Israel had not, was not, and would never be broken. The document also recognized that while Catholics could not denounce its primary belief that Jesus Christ was the means of salvation of the world, it equally recognized that a personal acceptance of this was obviously not part of the covenant arrangement for the Jews. Therefore it has not been granted to the Church just how the full redemption of Israel is meant to play out in the economy of salvation.

    In December of 2015, Judaism responded with the Orthodox Rabbinic Statement on Christianity in which it acknowledge Jesus and Christianity as part of God’s purpose for history and the nations, referred to Jesus as one of the Jewish sages, and even though recognizing that Judaism cannot accept him as the promised Messiah, nevertheless called Christianity a providential partner in God’s plan for world redemption along with the Jews.

    The only religious movements that currently refer to the Jewish Covenant being supplanted by the Covenant in Christ are some Fundamentalist Evangelical movements and most groups like the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Nominal Christianity generally views supersessionism as anti-Semitic.

    The idea of supersessionism has been suggested by some to create a paradox to the Gospel itself. To illustrate, Paul argues that Christians are wild olive branches affixed to the roots of the Olive Tree of Israel. Most suppersessionists claim that Israel is the cursed, fruitless fig tree of Mark 11:12-14.

    But if Israel was truly rejected, then Christians are affixed to a rejected root system, with no life to it. But as Paul writes:

    If the root is holy, so are the branches...Consider that you do not support the root; the root supports you!--Romans 11:16-18.
    Obviously the tree and branches were holy and living, even branches that were cut off. The root system could even "support" others. A withered, fruitless system could not do that.

    Regardless of any personal views you may have or arguments you may come up with on this, this issue is now generally settled by the mainstream churches of Christendom. It is not my personal view that I came up with. So any further points you have to raise or object to would have to be addressed not to me but to ecclesial authorities of the churches who took 50 years to come to this decision. Especially since the Axis Powers fell without Israel having an army to defeat them and then Israel being restored to its land, and with the Holocaust being a result of Christianity’s theology that the Jews had been abandoned by God (which was at the root of Hitler’s “Final Solution”), Christianity has acquiesced to what it sees as divine providence.

    As to the "Second Coming," well, I'm Jewish. For us the term "Messiah" means something like "King" or "President," not "someone who WILL be king" or "president elect." The Messiah in the traditional sense in Judaism was supposed to be a person who was not merely anointed, but someone who actually ruled from a throne and literally was a King in Jerusalem. The person had to be accepted by the Jewish public at large too, because if your subjects don't accept you as king then you aren't a king. And if you die before that happens, your followers can't make up a story and say: "Well, it's supposed to happen when he comes again."

    Yeah, right. And the New World of Jehovah's Witnesses has been just around the corner since 1874, uh-huh. Come on! It's 2017 right now, just about to be 2018. If 143 years waiting for this "corner to be passed" is enough time waiting to say we shouldn't trust what the Watchtower says, what does 2000 years say about the Second Coming idea?

    Besides, today the idea of the Messiah in Judaism has changed greatly. It isn't likely that anyone in Israel will accept rulership by a monarch. The days of being ruled by kings is long gone. But the idea of humankind finding redemption is still promised and pictured in the figure of what the Messiah represents. Many Jews now see the Messiah as the personification of redemption for all humanity, that time when all peoples evolve beyond selfishness, hatred, war, and move towards peace, love, and work to end suffering in the world and care for their neighbor. It's not so much an individual as it is humanity ruiling over and becoming champion over all of our worst enemies and those things that have plagued us throughout our history.

  • Finkelstein

    If one were to read the bible honestly and correctly you would see that Jesus's return of which he spoke about was to take place at the time or generation of when he supposedly lived.

    Nice thought though nevertheless to have a god come down from heaven and take care of humanity's problems like pain, suffering and even death.

    Its organizations and the people who run the Watchtower Corporation who endeavored themselves to be intellectually dishonest upon reading the written words in the bible.

    It did sell a whole lot a literature though.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    It is impossible to arrive at a set of incontrovertible doctrines drawn from the Bible.

  • cofty

    It's amazing the lengths biblical Christians will go to in an effort to excuse Jesus for his false prophecies.

  • Vanderhoven7

    The parousia or second coming did not happen in century one. When the parousia happens the whole world will know.

  • David_Jay


    Though I am Jewish, you might be interested to know that outside of the official Jewish-Catholic dialogue sessions, the Parousia was once discussed.

    Outside of a few scattered Evanglical Fundamentalist movements and end-of-the-world groups like Jehovah's Witnesses, Christianity at large does NOT teach that the Parousia will occur during human history, but only after it culminates. This allows for the end of the physical universe as foreseen by some current scientific cosmological models.

    The Parousia occurs only after history has ended, according to mainstream Protestant, Roman Catholic, and especially Orthodox eschatology. It may occur concurrent with history's end, but will not occur as an element of or during history. The Parousia is an element of eternity and not time according to Christology. Time ends with the beginning of Christ's Parousia.

    The Scriptural references to the "nations" knowing about the Messiah's Parousia are not meant to be read as "nations" but as "goyim," or Gentiles. It is using old Jewish idiom about earthly Messianic expectations of the Second Temple era when the Jews believed the Gentiles would recognize their earthly Messiah's arrival (Parousia).

    Thus the Church reads this language as allegorical. Jesus never literally "comes" a second time anywhere, at any time. Every Christian will experience death. One day, says mainstream Christianity, the world will literally just stop. But when history ends, according to Christianity a new era begins under Christ. This is the Parousia, and this is what Christianity has understood for 2000 years.

    The literal "return" of Christ is an Adventist invention of the American Great Disappointment of 1844 from Baptist preacher William Miller. Witnesses are the result of a group fascinated by the formulas of those days, believing they could still work somehow, and that the group that got the date right was favored by Heaven.

    But there's never been such a doctrine of a literal return that would literally be witnessed by the nations, not from Christendom anyway.

    You're still buying Miller's snake oil. At least buy the real stuff instead of the knockoff, generic fool's gold.

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