Question about visiting bethel ... akward moment at the end

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  • nmthinker
    Bethelite's make virtually NO money. We slipped our friends $100 each when we went. I mean its the least we could do. I may not agree with the borg but these are good people and they deserve something nice once in a while.
  • fulano
    Nice nmthinker....most of us were innocent hard workers.
  • SAHS

    “DesirousOfChange”: They are taught to "glean" off of the "surplus" of the flock.

    I’m pretty sure that “Judge” Franklin Rutherford would heartily agree with you! He had people all over the world, including dirt-poor countries like South America and Africa, funnelling money to his own ivory castle of “Beth Serim” in San Diego. He had two of the most expensive luxury Cadillacs in all of California – 16-cylinder Fisher Fleetwood Cadillac coupes.

    Um, yes, I would say that that charlatan buffoon would certainly qualify as ‘gleaning off the surplus of the flock.’

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''Beth Sarim''


  • fulano
    I am afraid I don't remember Rutherford giving a tour in Brooklyn. Wasn't that the point of TS...tipping the Tour-guide?
  • jaydee

    and didn't some of them get ' tipped ' out of the ninth floor window or something at Bethel ?...

  • TheListener

    Invite friends from home who you know really well for a meal to to see your room - no tip really expected but really really appreciated.

    Invite someone else's friends or people from back home you don't know that well in for a meal or to see your room - tip expected.

    Invite girlfriend/potential girlfriends family or friends in for a meal or to see room - no tip expected but really appreciated.

    Send out yearbooks - letter with thank you and money expected.

    That was my experience.

  • Truthexplorer

    Ah you should have crossed his palm with silver lol

  • baker
  • steve2

    My view is different from others: You accepted lunch twice and offered nothing??? A deservedly awkward moment.

    Did you ever send a thank you card?

    I do not think it unreasonable for visitors who accept lunch invitations to offer something. In fact, where I live, it is considered discourteous to take without offering in return.

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