Jupiter protects the earth... another example of intellectual dishonesty and an argument against design

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    There have been 5 major extinction events in history, the largest being the Permian-Triassic extinction about 250 million years ago where approx 96% of all species on earth were wiped out. A cause of this is believed to be major volcanic activity in Siberia and release of mass quantities of CO2 and other gases which induced a greenhouse effect and caused the oceans to become more acidic. Life eventually rebounded but it was a close one.

    Asteroids and comets aren't the only harbingers of death and change...

  • contramundum

    Stan: "Isnt jupiter another word for jehovah"

    By Jove, I think he's right!!


  • waton

    Jupiter is not only attuned to Earth's orbit, but everything about it is big. One of It's typhoons 3 times the size of Earth, just photographed in detailed close-up, has lasted ~ 400 years? the Jovian day is only 10 hours long. That is a big, fast spinning gyroscope. stabilization at it's finest. lucky us.

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    A fascinating thread thanks guys.Astronomy is a fascinating subject the more we learn the more questions arise.

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    Anony Mous

    If you want clear evidence that the Earth doesn't get much protection from Jupiter look at the moon, the moon preserves craters rather well but even in our own (if you live in the US) backyard you have the Chicxulub crater, "Meteor crater" in Arizona and plenty of pockmarks all around the world (and Chelyabinsk fairly recently and Tunguska like events that don't) that evidence we aren't really safe from meteors. People have had both property damage and injuries from them.

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    passing my time productively at the meeting today, it occurred to me that Jupiter resembles a perfect wheel, no "rubbing on the pavement".

    The turning velocity at the equator, counterclockwise is the same as the movement forward in orbit, but in the opposite direction* so that big mass is neutral, or establishing a zero shear in the inner planetary field. * as seen from our viewpoint.

    Earth and Venus, the closest planets have a similar situation, being counter rotating twins,

  • waton

    Joshua miracle of the Sun standing still is occurring on Jupitir all the time. At morning, and evening on Jupiter, the Sun sets normally, but around noon The sun appears to be standing still, because as the planet moves forward the spin of the same speed, carries the observer standing on the "surface" an equal amount backward. Noon heat intensified.

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