Jupiter protects the earth... another example of intellectual dishonesty and an argument against design

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  • cognisonance

    I'm taking a university Astronomy course, and I must say it's really fun to read about this field.

    Anyway, I remember the JWs used to use Jupiter (and probably still do) as an example for how unique and special our solar system is (and thus designed) -- namely, that Jupiter protects the earth from astroids, comets, and meteors. Convincing if one doesn't know any better, especially circa 1994 when Jupiter stepped in front of a comet for us... but this isn't the full story! For example, Deborah Byrd on the astronomy website EarthSky mentions:

    But Jupiter creates both good and bad conditions for earthly life. Consider that its powerful gravity prevented space rocks orbiting near it from coalescing into a planet, and that’s why our solar system today has an asteroid belt, consisting of hundreds of thousands of small flying chunks of debris.

    Today, Jupiter’s gravity continues to affect the asteroids – only now it nudges some asteroids toward the sun, where they have the possibility of colliding with Earth.

    So Jupiter sometimes use it's gravitational pull as a sling shot aiming rocks towards earth! That doesn't sound like particularly good design now does it? If the solar system was created, then wouldn't a perfect god have seen to it that his invader defense system doesn't sometimes cause the very problem it was "meant" to protect against?

    Works Cited:

    Byrd, Deborah. “Is It True That Jupiter Protects Earth?” EarthSky, EarthSky, 25 Nov. 2015, earthsky.org/space/is-it-true-that-jupiter-protects-earth. Accessed 10 July 2017.

  • Sanchy
    The Creator could have easily avoided all this by simply not making deadly meteors to begin with.
  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    I absolutely envy you! Astronomy is a field of science I absolutely love! Our universe just fills me with so much awe. Always has, even when I was a little girl. Speaking of faulty design, I'm sure you're familiar with the Andromeda's collision course with our Milky Way? This galactic collision is predicted to occur in about four billion years. Of course, that's forever away. But if God's purpose is for the earth to "stand to time indefinite" and for the righteous to "possess the earth forever", what sort of a set up is that for our planet?!

  • freddo

    By Jove!

  • cognisonance

    Wake Me Up, Andromeda merging with the Milky Way is unlikely to affect our Solar System (or earth) in a negative way. The space between stars in these galaxies is vast. A collision really would just move the location of our star, or even expel it (and the solar system) out into space, but it should remain intact nonetheless.

    Now about a billion years after our galaxies begin to merge the sun will run out of fuel which won't be good for the earth at all!

  • steve2

    Excellent example of how education is the best antiseptic against superstition.

    Little wonder JW organization scorns higher education.

  • waton

    Go to "atheists: a balls question" thread. fact is that we are here, and Jupiter was the first and biggest planet to emerge and give stability, lasting billions of years, long enough for you to evolve. and

    If Earth's orbit is designated as exactly 10 (like our digits) Jupiter would be 52*** and is the closest to that value (~.01%), closer than any other planet orbit radii.

    *** Titius Bode law: Mercury 4, Venus 7, Earth 10, Mars 16, Astr, 28, Jupiter 52 Saturn 100...

    Earth: 7+3=10, +(2x3)=16, +(2x6)=28, +(2x12)=52 Jupiter.. distances double from Earth to Uranus, Pluto

    Amazing outworkings from the initial conditions. Jupiters precision orbit tied to Earth's.

    Creating a self-designing, self-evolving universe is not easy,..... you try it.

  • ttdtt

    Yea I used that one when I would give the Creation Talk.

  • cognisonance

    Waton, I'm not sure why you think the controversial Titus-Bode rule somehow proves creation. Also, it also doesn't always hold true like you assert:

    Further, your argument is akin to pointing out that all the planets rotate in an orderly fashion on an ecliptic plane in the same direction of the sun, and then saying that since this pattern is unlikely to have happened randomly there must have been a reason for it. You'd probably then reason that this requires a creator. Science however has a pretty good evidence-based explanation that doesn't necessitate bringing a divine agent into the picture (condensation theory).

  • Crazyguy

    Every time an meteor hits the earth we are reminded that no ones watching over us. When a bigger one come close to hitting the ground like in Russia a few years ago or even worse the one that exploded in east Russian in the early 20th century, it becomes even obvious to the believers of god that he's just in their imagination.

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