Lazy field service

by Addison0998 31 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • snakeface

    There were also the garage sales. (Or "yard sales"). Whole car groups would have to stop and look at ALL the merchandise. Then they would wait till all the other customers left. Then one person would hold out a WT and ask the householder something like, "Can I leave this with you to read?".

    And there were some people who, at the service meeting, would tell the group, "I will drive myslef and I will meet you in the territory" or they would ask for one or two blocks to be assigned to them, rather than going with the group. from there they would go drop off their dry cleaning and do some other errands before showing up in the territory.

  • nonjwspouse

    Now I must report that fror the first time in years, ( isn't that how it is, as soon as you mention somting not happening...) a pair of JWs came to my door to deliver an invitation. I haven't found an invitation in a long time either. It was placed in my door, but it blew onto the yard. I was able to see the pair with my new Ring doorbell that records. At least no one was home.

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