Lazy field service

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  • Addison0998

    Did anyone else have really lazy people in their congregation when it came to the field circus. People where I live are shamelessly lazy, they DRIVE door to door even when the houses are 3 FEET apart! Yes even in town houses they drive door to door. And I’m not even talking about when the weather is bad, this is any weather. And after 30 minutes they have to stop and take a coffee break at McDonald’s. And then an hour later another break at Taco Bell. And if the weather is slightly inconvenient or they’ve had enough of their exhausting door to door work, they do obituaries. Which is just making a comment on an online obituary quoting a scripture and the website. And they post about 3 per hour. And this is the “life saving work” their doing. 😂

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    What about the PO (we had one), all he did during field circus was just walk around from street to street (after everyone present had been given a patch to work on ), just catching up with bro's and sis's. Wasting his and everybody else's time.His time is his choice but wasting others who genuinely think they are devoting that time for God. Never have I seen him doing some actual knocking and talking.Talking about showing such ones Double Honor. Why???


  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    We have another elder who loves to walk miles to the territory and waste time. It will take us 40 minutes of walking just to knock on two doors and then time is up , have to walk back the 40 minutes so must end door knocking prematurely. He is a pioneer. great way of sharing the good news...not!

    When anyone mentions take a car, his reply it gives us some exercise. Thats the key to his succes in keeping fit, not serving God and saving people but his own ass healthwise.

    I dont go anymore.


  • john.prestor

    I never heard of commenting on obituaries online, that's pretty tasteless... How did people respond?

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara


    I have heard and (believe it or not ) done it myself when I was PIMI. It went very well actually .Quite a few responded well, started Bible Studies with them and later moved on to progress further. Some of them are Regular Pioneers.

    Cant believe I had an impact in helping people get into this cult.

    All was futile.


  • Ding

    Then there's the brother or sister who always volunteers to go get coffee for everyone and never goes up to a door.

  • scruffmcbuff

    Me and another pioneer (also now df) used to get territory cards off the elder who looker after that stuff.

    We would pick the areas furthest from where we lived and walk there. Count the time and then walk back as it was now too late to do any knocking "street witness" there and back.

    But mostly we ate mars bars and put the world to rights.

  • ShirleyW

    This coffee stop thing is something fairly new, when I was growing up in the 60's and 70's we never stopped for donuts or anything, I don't even remember stopping for donuts or anything when we were totally thru in FS and were heading home, everyone went their own way. I really don't remember anyone doing the "pioneer shuffle" crawling from door to door either. Now it seems that's it's a must-do thing to stop for coffee and donuts now.

  • dozy

    We had a couple of elders like that - in fact , elders were the worst in my experience , as their position meant that they could get away with basically messing around for the whole morning. They used to basically spend the whole morning just wandering around making sure all the "brothers were OK for territory" and hardly knocking on any doors. First to the coffee shop at 11AM , or a publishers house. Any excuse for a skive , such as "needing to go to the ATM" or wash the car , or do a "call" that wasn't ever in or drop in on an older JW in the territory to say hello.

    Many of the pioneers had the "pioneer plod" off to a fine art , basically spending the whole time in gossip with their friends taking ages between doors or the usual stunts to expand the time such as starting on a call before the meeting for field service or dropping magazines off at a hospital or laundry.

    I think the difference between the 60s and 70's and today is that back then some people actually used to listen , you could get conversations very easily & the ministry was quite productive. I remember going out and placing 30+ magazines in the morning and that was the days when we sold them for cash- the last few years of my JW life I couldn't even give the magazines away.

    Nowadays the ministry is absolute rubbish - a complete soul destroying waste of time with hardly anybody at home and the few that are in being totally disinterested or even aggressive so all sort of dodges have been invented to make the time somewhat bearable.

  • tiki

    Walk as slow as humanly possible....sit in the car between houses and gossip....stretch that time. After all the whole point is a big number to write on a piece of paper at the end of the month. Such a waste!!

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