Sin Inherited Humankind

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  • prologos

    since culpability is forwarded toward the offspring and they die accordingly, why not have it move back in time too? I saw a bum-per sticker once: "Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your children". so : some of the animals must have eaten from that forbidden tree and that is why all life dies, back to the first protozoe.

  • TD
    So JWs believe all humans have faults, problems, birth pangs, etc., because we all inherited sin from the original human being Adam. Like I would like this to make sense but why would Jehovah do this to future humans who have done nothing wrong at all?

    Why would Jehovah do this to humans and not to the spirit creature who led humans into sin in the first place?

    Why do humans age, suffer and finally die because of sin while this spirit creature goes on wrecking havoc for millenia?

    No part of the story makes any sense or is even remotely fair.

  • Late Bloomer
    Late Bloomer

    Because it's like a pan with a dent in it. Any loaf baked in that pan will have that same dent. Adam/Eve are the pan, sin is the dent, and you are the bread. You were born dented. At least that's how it was explained when I was in. It never sat right with me that I should be made to pay for someone else's mistake and was one of the first teachings that started to wake me up.

  • prologos
    LB: "--You were born dented.

    There is not much wrong with that simple analogy, after all what beautiful music comes from the dents in the steel drum bands. and the survival of the fittest mutation; what is wrong is the idea, that somehow we were ever meant to be non perishable, at least as humans. Everything in nature dies, naturally, even the talking snake.

  • Diogenesister

    Cofty Damn straight!!! law its called men's rea...the commission of a crime includes the act - Actus reus - AND the intention or knowledge of wrongdoing - men's rea - without which there IS no crime!

    Another argument is a Adams lack of the knowledge of good and evil would put him in the category of a young child - Doli incapax - he could not know that what he did was wrong.

    The" Grand Creator" has less" reasonableness" - another big concept in law - than we do??!!

  • Diogenesister
    David_Jay10 hours ago
    Judaism finds the teaching that Adam's sin is inherited as impossible to reconcile with Ezekiel 18.20 which states that God does not count the sins of our ancestors or parents against us.

    It always makes me laugh how they think they can tell the Jews how to interpret their OWN scriptures....and dubs in particular who base their whole theology on a prophecy that the Jews who wrote it don't even see as a prophet...Daniel - who is considered as " writings" ; essentially a story, and not a very accurate one at that!

  • sparky1

    The 'dented bread pan' analogy always made me laugh. It must have been dreamed up in the mind of a fool. Whether a bread pan is dented or not, no two loaves of bread look the same when they are finished baking and come out of the oven anyway. Besides, who give a damn if your loaf of bread has a dent in it. When it is steaming hot ,fresh from the oven and slathered with butter it is still delicious to eat and so it is 'perfect' for what it was made for.

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