Sin Inherited Humankind

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  • looter

    So JWs believe all humans have faults, problems, birth pangs, etc., because we all inherited sin from the original human being Adam. Like I would like this to make sense but why would Jehovah do this to future humans who have done nothing wrong at all? I think of it like if a parent has one child and that child really disobeyed her before then when the parent has a second child, she punishes that child because of what her first did. Now that's not fair at all. Can someone hope to issue some logic to this? I hated how JWs would act like this made perfect sense but never really explained it thoroughly. The explanation was always that since one human sinned, all humans sin. Makes no sense.

  • smiddy

    You haven`t thought this through looter ,all of Adam and Eve`s offspring have a direct line of descent ,whereas your analogy does not fit that scenario .


  • cofty
  • NVR2L8

    So how did it happen? What caused Adam and Eve to feel ashamed they were naked when that's all they knew? There was only the two of them...Can we attribute the first clothing items to them? Was there something in the fruit that activated the aging process of their perfect body or did God put on a timer? What about the tree of life, how would it undo the consequencesconsequences of the inimaginable act of rebellion of eating a fruit? Doesn't all this sound absolutely ridiculous - how could I have ever believed all of it is beyond me.

  • Heaven

    The orignal sin concept 'validates' a multi-billion dollar industry selling mythology as truth. Without original sin, there is no need for the Church.

    Religion is legalized fraud.


    Why couldn't "GOD" have simply disintegrated Adam and Eve, then started over? God could have used the Holy Spirit, the most powerful force in the universe to beam moral lessons into the brains of his subservient worshippers. They would forever know, EXACTLY, why the first pair of humans were not around. No need to punish untold billions, including all animal life.

    How about this one? Allow Adam and Eve to have perfect children! DUH??? Use that Holy Spirit to "overshadow" Eve, as in the case of Mary! That way, every child would be born perfect! They could see their "sinful" parents dying before their perfect eyes! What a loving, powerful lesson in obedience from God!

    Congratulations! You are smarter than God! We could have devised a better solution, one that did not involve torture for billions and billions of living creatures.


  • stuckinarut2

    No matter how it is spun, it never makes sense for billions to suffer just because some spirit creature lost a bet!

  • punkofnice

    Such silly beliefs convince me more and more that the bible is nothing more than a work of fiction. I hasten to add, I do see the bible as partially enjoyable to read, although portions of it are sick.

    I am now more convinced there never was a god. Either that or god is a monumental failure and the one really to blame for any mess we are in due to 'imperfection(tm)'. I blame god, that burke needs to apologise to the human race. What are the chances?

  • David_Jay

    Judaism finds the teaching that Adam's sin is inherited as impossible to reconcile with Ezekiel 18.20 which states that God does not count the sins of our ancestors or parents against us.

    I've used this with Christians who were so certain I was headed to Hell for "not being saved," as they say. They either get very angry, go into denial of the importance of Ezekiel's words (my favorite is: "Well, you Jews can't understand Ezekiel correctly because you don't have Jesus!") or storm off declaring I obviously can't be reasoned with.

  • Wayward

    The Adam and Eve story is just a myth made up to explain why humans suffer, age, and die. Don't try to find any sense in it. There isn't any.

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