What if the crucifixion never took place..

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  • punkofnice
    What if the crucifixion never took place..

    What if the Jesus as we know him, from the Bible never existed?

    Personally, I have never seen evidence outside of the Bible that he did. He certainly didn't write anything.

    If Jesus did or didn't exist, was or wasn't strung up, it makes no difference. We're all going to die anyway.

  • OnTheWayOut
    What if the crucifixion never took place..
    No one really knows, your guess is as good as the next.

    Oh no! It is well known. If the crucifixion never took place, then men would have invented the crucifixion and things would be EXACTLY as they are today, with the exact same teaching, the exact same believers and unbelievers.

    People would be still be asking "What if the crucifixion never took place?"

  • Half banana
    Half banana
    What if the crucifixion never took place

    Not a scrap of difference because it was only a belief.

    It was a crumb of comfort for people without hope-- as was the story that the Saviour Dionysus, who was also called the Lamb of God and the Great Shepherd. He was crucified centuries before Jesus was and for the same reason to redeem mankind and with the same outcome: nothing at all.

  • ttdtt

    It didnt.

  • EverApostate

    Well, Jesus would have been murdered by any other barbarous manner, which might have appeased Jehovah.

  • scratchme1010
    What if the crucifixion never took place..

    Yet another what-if. Who cares?

  • Jayk

    @scratchme1010 "Who cares?" I care, it ruined my life. The whole crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus story has shaped the world today. If you didn't care than you would be here..It wasn't a dumb question.

  • redpilltwice

    Jayk, I can understand your feelings but I really don't think he considers it a dumb question. Scratchme1010 has his own style and way of telling things and so do we all. It makes this forum what it is... something for everyone and I've come to appreciate all those different members and their flavors...

    In general, I feel I can benefit from different viewpoints but when I really disagree with certain comments I just try to step over it and enjoy the comments that add something to my taste or are usefull or just informative. I also like the satire, the biting sarcasm and jokes...

    Personally, in a world of so many speculation, personal opinions, "what if's"' (many at this forum) and so little real hard facts, I love his down-to-earth, almost nihilistic approach of things, often with little words.

    Because of my ADD, I can get lost in endless thoughts and then leave a topic because of the endless and ongoing speculation... comments like those of scratchme can really help me to get out of that endless loop and get back to the satisfaction of the present nothing, just the sober here and now, not knowing, not caring about not knowing. When he says "Who cares?" I feel it as "If we really can't know for sure, how much should I really care? Will it not frustrate me if I won't find what I am looking for? Or even, why has god or christ not left absolute proof for us if it is really THAT important?". In that way I find his words powerful because they DO make me think about the benefits of so many "what if'"s.

    Not trying to be preachy here, sorry for the long post and if I give that impression... just my opinion and an attempt to put things in perspective. I can imagine it means a lot to someone who feels Christian, but this forum has brought me to an agnostic mindset and I feel more peace than ever, accepting that very often.. I don't know.

  • Jayk
    I understand peoole have there opinions and I wasn't offended. But it felt like a condisending question.. It's in the same area as if someone ask "what if the Nazis won the war? Im not Not asking if "what if jesus stepped on a butterfly before we was crucified would the nazis have won the war?"
  • redpilltwice
    Im not Not asking if "what if jesus stepped on a butterfly before we was crucified would the nazis have won the war?"

    True, but that's an intriguing thought as well ... wouldn't that be THE butterfly effect?

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