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  • LongHairGal


    It was great reading your story and what you said about the JW religion’s man-made burdens!

    So much for Jesus’s so-called light load. Eh? But, then again, Jesus has nothing to do with this. When I walked away from the JW religion, I felt like a great weight had been lifted! What a lesson learned. No more religion for me either!

  • cofty

    Thank you for sharing your story Humbled.

  • Tara N Seals
  • Dagney

    humbled, thank you for sharing your interesting story...what a story it is. Brave to write Bethel too.

    Maybe I need one of your wooden spoons!

  • humbled

    Baldeagle— l missed your early post. I appreciate you saying hello. I be waiting to know you too.

    Lois— you are always a wide open friend. Yes - we walked out. Best thing ever. I hope you are doing well out in the cooler part of the country. You know the hot summer has arrived here!

    longhairgal-thanks for stopping by. Do you have a back story out? Yes there were such burdens. I had friends “in” who helped me and l in turn would help others as l was able. It was uneven and not easily attributed to the WTS. The individuals were kind and giving were driven from within -/not without But the press from “management” made everything so hard. So hard.

    Sylvia- l read your story you know. The times we lived in —so much l share and yet l know that there were things l did not have to face because of my color. You seem to have a valve of some sort that lets certain stuff in and some things out have balance. You know l love you.

    Dagney—thanks for reading my apostate interview lol.l had fun reading yours. This interval of sharing life stories has been a good thing, hasn’t it?

    Writing Bethel finally just had to happen. As time goes on l suspect it was me having to process the incoherence of the literature. I wrote and researched as well as l could, stood ready to have the light shine on a better understanding but l knew l was standing on good ground by the time l sent my packet in.

    Spoons? I make truly fine spoons. Message me if you’d like me to send pictures of some etc.

    cofty- Thank you, dear Scotsman, for reading my spotty story. If you ever had done any such autobio, l missed it.

    I recommend this format if you ever feel like stepping out into the uncertain world of subjectivity and personal revelation. We might feel it a risky exercise but the format does help limit the self-damage that arises from filling a blank page( though some of us are beyond saving)

    At any rate, l have always valued your remarks from far away Scotland-even when they tick me off. l always wish you and yours the very best.

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    Maeve -

    When I joined this forum about 2013, your comments were highly valued as from a person of dignity, admirable compassion and deep experience. While your posts from those days certainly conveyed your kindness, and thoughtful humanity, I suggest that you "cracked the door" a few months ago when you responded to a post that offended.

    In that post you set the record straight and stood your ground heroically as I recall, and I've since admired you even more ... now this !

    Your interview adds to your fine personality a fascinating history - and all set down swaddled in the fine literary lilt of the Irish.

    Maeve - 'tis an honour to know you lass.

  • Tara N Seals
    Tara N Seals

    Amen and amen, GFG.

    I've long suspected that Maeve and I could sit on the porch and split a watermelon or two.

  • TD

    I don't know how I missed this. Thanks for sharing your story Maeve.

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