holocaust memorial day

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  • zeb

    what can I say..

  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous

    It is an established fact that the bricks which constituted the incinerators in Auschwitz have never been replaced. Now, in consideration of the way they have been used, specialists consider that these incinerators could burn about 150 000 corpses. This is coherent with the registers that the Germans were keeping of people who died in Auschwitz, that is, 135 000 death. Which puts the holocaust at its right dimension.

  • waton

    a r: plus birkenau, treblinka , sobidor, maidanik, dachau,--- die Einsatztruppen--

  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous

    There would be a lot to say about these camps. I just recall that after the war it was written at Auschwitz that the toll of the holocaust was 6 million, 4 million of which in Auschwitz.. Then they reduced the figure several times : 3 M, 2 M, now they announce about 1M. One more effort, they will reach 135 000.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    a.r. Are you really trying to minimise the scale of the Auschwitz atrocities? Really?

  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous

    I claim the right for historians to conduct objectively their studies without being barred from it by lobbies on the ground of antisemitism.

  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous

    BTW, there were a hospital, a maternity ward (about 3000 babies were born there), a soccer field and a swimming pool open to the inmates in Auschwitz.

  • apostatethunder

    We canĀ“t review the numbers of the Holocaust without reviewing all numbers in WWI and WWII.

  • stillin

    Aligot, I've seen pictures from the concentration camps. No vacationland. Sorry.

  • aligot ripounsous

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