Faithful and Prudent slave? read somewhere that the discreet was going to change to Prudent.

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  • Dagney

    I used this with my brother, that the choice of words they used to describe their holy GB, is nothing more than that. If you read the verse in another translation they were no longer the FDS, but some other label. Not sure if I remember exactly how I said it but my intent was to let him know just because he thought they were the “holier than thou” FDS GB, they were nothing special to me, unless he could prove they were. 🤬

  • Ding

    If you ask the average JW what the word "discreet" means, would they know?

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Wouldn’t be prudent at this time...

  • zeb

    there will no doubts be a long winded session at the next round of conventions on this monumental change.

    As uneducated people they get hung up on a word and then if you notice you will hear it being used by all about you. While I was in I noticed.. hyperbole.. got a workout.

  • smiddy3

    Is this an example of JW`s / GB straining at the gnat and gulping down the camel ?

    Well lets face it zeb ,reading the WT and Awake magazines were as good as getting a university education right ?

  • Caminante

    The Spanish revised New World Translation renders the expression in Matt. 24:45 as "esclavo fiel y prudente".

  • sir82

    Maybe they got tired of seeing themselves on sites such as this one & reddit as "FDS", which of course, is also an acronym for "feminine deodorant spray".

    Now we can abbreviate them as "FPS".

    There's a whole list of FPS acronyms here:

    I think I like this one best:

    Facepunch Studios, a British video game developer

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    faithful and prurient would be more appropriate

    prurient definition: 1. too interested in the details of another person's sexual behaviour: 2. having or showing too much interest in sexual things. Learn more.

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