Weldon Howze dies in California

by SadElder 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • eyeuse2badub

    How do you think people will remember all of us when we pass away? Or how do we want to be remembered? Or do we even care?

    just asking!


  • WingCommander

    So wait a minute, this guy was a liberal-minded, independent thinker and closeted homosexual, who "tweaked" his own talks, spoke and visited the DF'd, and pissed off the bigwigs at Cult HQ so bad, they sent letters scolding his talks? All the while, never doing anything so "brazen", as to be caught and invited to a JC, and therefore died in "good standing?"

    Wow! This guy sounds like the ultimate Apostate! You couldn't write a better undercover spy/Apostate script if you tried. Hahahahaha!!! This guy gets to give the homo-bird to JW HQ, even in death!

    Take THAT, you freakin' cult!

  • joe134cd
    I think the fact that both the X-JW and JW communities are mourning his death is testament to the guy. RIP Weldon.

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