God Made Eve From Adam’s Penis, Not His Rib, Academic Claims

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    As I've said before. Science trumps the Bible. Whereas the Bible comprehends itself.
  • prologos
    This "penis" idea gives new meaning to the term cloning from "stem cells"
  • dropoffyourkeylee
    Biblical Archaeology Review, Sept/Oct 2015 gave 4 pages, as well as the front cover, to this topic by Ziony Zevit. I didn't find the article convincing or even interesting, but it's definitely unusual.
  • Vidiot
    Actually, there's a number of old creation myths that involve reality having penile origins. :smirk:
  • eyeuse2badub

    If god made eve from adam's penis, I have 2 questions,

    1) did adam have an extra penis?

    2) did eve have a foreskin covering her head?

    just saying!


  • blondie

    This paragraph came to mind:

    *** w56 9/1 pp. 531-532 par. 20 The Divine Origin of Marriage ***

    When God took the male and female characteristics or qualities that were combined in balance in the original Adam and divided them between the sexes he did not mean to start any battle of the sexes in the paradise of Eden. He did not mean to start any competitive coexistence between the sexes. Though the man Adam had the feminine properties divided from him and embodied in his wife, he was still left perfect; he was still in God’s image and likeness. Eve, with the female characteristics controlling in her, was likewise perfect, but she was one flesh with Adam.

  • DJS

    So girls were made from a penis, huh? So that's why you can't get girls to respond or get anything out of them unless you pay attention to them, kiss on them and stroke them.

    I think the prof is on to something.

  • TD

    Where would the idea that human males once had a baculum have come from?

    Were anthropoid apes even known to the Bible writers?

  • prologos

    Blondie quote:"-- Though the man Adam had the feminine properties divided from him --" wow,

    that should give comfort to the LGBT crowd, and all wt illustration are wrong, Adam the perfect bachelor should have a much more effeminate look, a cross between Samson and Delilah a few threads back. And anyone who ever had his genitals tampered with, will really object to this penis conjecture. A rib is closer to the really romantic heart than the crass hormone driven lower based sexuality, and less painful --- POST! Script-- why would the most male feature be used to make the masterpiece the female? more reasonable to make an incission under the breast, the nearly female. after all ,it is used for augmentation even these days.

  • Sabin
    If God took half of a mans brains to get started on making a woman it explains why men are so stupid. Oh sorry did I say brains, I meant penis, same thing though isn't it?

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