A clue about dropping of reporting of numbers?

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  • Diogenesister

    I agree it may hint at memorial numbers no longer being published since they would not have to print embarassing partaker numbers, too.

    Did you notice also watchtower seem to be hinting that attending for family or other reasons does not count? Ie don't expect that to save you at the big A.

    Giordano We experienced both situations...... a mother who died because they wouldn't perform open heart surgery and she lived with her condition until it finally killed her. A sister who needed blood to off set the surgery needed to remove cancerous tumors.
    These are the sins of the WTBTS........ may they be damned for ever.


    GIORDANO I had no idea, I am so very sorry. As horrific as the child abuse scandals and shunning are, for me the blood issue is quietly destroying familys in a different way.

    A way in which watchtower can never atone for. No matter how many apologies or changes they make, they can never bring back the dead. I too refused blood when I haemorrhaged, like a fool, but was lucky enough to survive. I was young, too, so the blood thing hits home hard for ne. But nothing like the effect it must have on your wife and yourself.

  • Vidiot
    ninjwspouse - "Time reports = tax exempt status"

    You're not the first person to suggest this.

  • TheHistoryCritic

    I doubt they will stop reporting hours to Elders, and I doubt Elders will stop reporting to Watchtower. I do think Watchtower will continue the recent policy of reducing how much they share with the public based on what makes them look good or bad. If they stop asking publishers to report time, what's to stop the publishers who are simply going through the motions so they have some time to report, from no longer going in service at all? I reckon there's at least a million publishers who do an hour or two per month, just so they are not inactive. It might even be as high as 2 million.

  • BluesBrother

    I don't know about reporting internally but they could well stop publishing Mem. Attendance and partakers, to save awkward questions

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