A clue about dropping of reporting of numbers?

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  • sir82

    Hey, did anyone notice this point from the WT study article for this past weekend (paragraph 2):

    Certainly, Jehovah is pleased to see that so many attend the Memorial. (Luke 22:19) However, Jehovah is not primarily concerned with the number of people who come. He is more interested in the reason for their coming; motive matters to Jehovah.

    A few months back there was a big thread where a poster wrote that "reporting hours will be going away".


    No idea if the source of the rumor is reliable - but assuming it is:

    Most on that thread interpreted that as meaning "no more reports from individual JW publishers to the congregation secretary".

    I think it more likely means "Even though reports will still be collected by the congregation, the congregation no longer sends the numbers to the WTS and the 'annual report' (including Memorial attendance) will no longer be published".

    If my thought is the accurate one (again, assuming the rumor reported in that thread is true), then the statement from this week's WT study would seem to be dropping a hint that we can expect the "annual report" to go away.

    Anyone agree? Disagree?

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The task HQ now have is to manage the decline of the organisation with the least amount of egg on their face.

    The removal of the yearbook and the emphasis away from traditional crowing about numbers would all be in accord with this.

    Any 'information' from the JW org is totally one sided, they have the whip hand so they can -- and always do -- interpret the situation to put themselves in the best light. The time will come when the reduction in membership will be hailed as evidence for the imminence of big A.

  • Giordano

    The only numbers that ever mattered to me is how many JW's rejected a life saving blood transfusion and died immediately or long before their time because of that decision.

    It wasn't Jonestown where everyone died in one long terrible night It was thousands of JW's dying every year because they were fighting cancer or a traumatic injury etc. and without whole blood they suffered and died in the privacy of their hospital rooms or their bedrooms. Or if they survived the loss of blood were never the same again.

    We experienced both situations...... a mother who died because they wouldn't perform open heart surgery and she lived with her condition until it finally killed her. A sister who needed blood to off set the surgery needed to remove cancerous tumors.

    These are the sins of the WTBTS........ may they be damned forever.

  • dozy

    Strangely , the Society don't apply the same philosophy towards time spent in the ministry. They aren't interested in the quality or results from a publisher or pioneer's hours. They are only interested in the total "headline" figure.

    I have sat through countless elders meetings where a prospective MS or elder is being discussed & their ministry monthly hours are being scrutinised. Not once has there ever been any discussion about tangible results - it is purely based on numbers. Ditto when the CO comes to town.

  • sir82

    prospective MS or elder is being discussed & their ministry monthly hours are being scrutinised.

    Good lord don't get me started. And it's not just "total" hours - if I had a nickel for every time I heard the phrase "visible in the ministry" I'd buy a Gulfstream jet.

    Woops, I hijacked my own thread....

  • tiki

    If partaker memorial numbers go up too much...problem. If attendee numbers diminish...problem. If service time numbers decrease...problem. Publisher numbers decrease... Problem. Solution? Keep the numbers under wraps. Shift attention away from numbers.....

  • BereanThinker7

    IDK, I dont see them ever getting rid of time reports. Its the spiritual yardstick they use to measure the "faith" of the members and anybody they want to appoint. It also keeps a leash of ppl and keeps them feeling guilty and constantly comparing themselves as inadequate. However I do see them finding ways to hide the numbers that negatively reflect on the Orgs claims.

  • nonjwspouse

    Time reports = tax exempt status. Seriously, they can't get rid of those time numbers, it's all they have to keep the status.

  • john.prestor

    Yeah, I'm with some of the other posters here, they want to downplay numbers in case the numbers don't go their way. If they do, they'll trumpet them to the highest heaven. One year I heard the CO spoke at the hall I studied and told the audience they broke a record or something

  • blondie

    2016 YEARBOOK

    HOW thrilling it is to see that Jehovah has been speeding up the worldwide expansion of true worship! (Isa. 60:22) As a result, there continues to be a great need for Kingdom Halls. Around the world, more than 13,000 new halls need to be built or undergo major renovation.


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