Carts on both ends of the farmersmarket

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Trolley JW's cannot, and know that they cannot, defend their cult's dogmas or practices, thanks to the information age - information which their "faithful slave-masters" in Warwick forbid them from even looking at!

    Wonderful example of JW's obediently following the org's orders to run away if confronted.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Well that YouTube was a eye opener. It leaves alot of options on what to do. Jamestown ny is a small town and the newspaper office is close by. I don' want to cause any problems for the market. It is a small group and those who are there depends on that income. I think a simple sign placed near them with jwfacts on it would work real well maybe other web sites as well. I could place those signs in place before the market opens. We will see. Thank you for all your ideas. Still Totally ADD

  • Done

    Do they even go door to door anymore?

    Work schedule has had me home most Saturdays for the last couple years. I've seen noone. Not even a tract or old mag in my door.

    Not that it matters much, first time they do come I'll add myself to the do not call list

  • Diogenesister

    That's Woman of the Nang's father in law? Awkward! Sad if he's also shunning his grandson, too :-( Area looks very familiar, many of the small towns or villages in Cambridgeshire where my mum lives look like this.

  • User99

    It looks like the JWs found a new, convenient use for the wheels on their carts. You never know when you’ll need to escape quickly!

  • caves

    User99-It looks like the JWs found a new, convenient use for the wheels on their carts. You never know when you’ll need to escape quickly!

    Maybe they should invest in self propelled carts for a faster get away. LOL

  • former2free


    Yes they still do the door to door preaching. They only have 3 magazines of each the watchtower and awake to place each year now and are only 16 pages long each. They are encouraged to use the videos and direct people to their website. It’s a whole different ministry now.

  • former2free


    Your website is great and a wealth of information that has helped many. My wife who has been waking up with me lately has been using it and realizes that the information there is accurate about the watchtower no matter what country you live in. Thank you for all you have done to help my wife and I and also many others to see the truth about the truth.

  • Finkelstein

    What people should be doing when they come across a JW cart is calmly walk past and say to the people standing there .... " Still supporting that false prophet Publishing house ? "

  • Chook

    Free compost paper available at end of row in the form of jw manure.

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