Carts on both ends of the farmersmarket

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  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    My wife and me have a booth at the local framers market. There is usually about 12 t0 14 vendors each week on a small short street in town. What is funny on each end of this short street are cart setups with 3 people on each cart. During todays 4 hour long framers market all they did was set in groups of three behind their cart sign. Not once did they talk to anyone. It was so sad watching them but then I thought what a easy way to get their time in. Then I thought maybe next week l will put up a sign near them that has jwfacts on it. I wonder how that would affect them? Maybe they would move to the indoor mall 5 miles away. Lol. Just thought you all would like to hear this story. Still Totally ADD

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Sounds cool! It would be fun to watch!

  • former2free

    Make sure you have signs up about the jw child abuse policies too.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Probably you have to get permission/pay for the spot. But what a kick it would be to have a pseudo cart with various headlines and websites.

    After a moment of shocked silence, I bet they pack up quickly, making sure their coffee doesn't spill of course, and then off they run. Maybe one brave soul might mutter something as they go by. The added benefit will be those at the market being informed of what is happening with JW world and avoid it.

  • stuckinarut2

    Its so sad!

    This "busy work" is so pointless. Yet, the annual report will show another 12 hours or so!

    If you get the chance, try and implement the suggestion that Pale.Emperor (I Think it was) mentioned on this forum a few weeks back:

    Ask them a series of questions after some small talk:

    "so is your religion perfect?" (allow response)

    "ok, so what would be the thing or point that you have an issue with or that troubles you about your religion?"

  • ShirleyW

    Last Sunday I noticed a cart at the subway stop that leads to the Tennis Open here in Queens at the Arthur Ashe Stadium, because folks on there way to a sports event are usually up for a little religious propaganda. I'm sure it's a safe bet to say they didn't speak to anyone, which is the case for 99 per cent of the cart setups.

  • cobweb

    People do this & put it on youtube. womanofthenang for example goes to her local cart witnessing spot on her high street and holds a sign next to them. Or at least tries to - they run away without fail, often spotting her car & they are packed up before she even arrives.

  • caves

    I love farmers markets. Ive set up and sold jewelry (handmade) and paintings. Anyway, if I saw a cart at one Id be irritated.

    There was one outside a large chain grocery store where I used to live and the manager was a jw, They were there a month and then the people in town started a petition complaining about it and he got in trouble with corporate. So the story goes.

    Cobweb- Did she say that was her father in law at the cart ? Wow! She has nerve and that is awesome. They sure left fast. Can they not defend there organization? LOL. POOF "holy spirit gone"! Its funny, doesnt the bible say 'Where two are more are gathered in my name'? They couldn't stand the pressure of one person?

  • jwfacts

    I assume you pay to have a stall at the farmers market. Do the JWs pay either the markets, or the council if on council property, or are they illegally setting up their carts? Maybe you could call the council and asked for them to be moved if they are not there legally.

  • smiddy3

    This woman has spunk and balls to do that and shows up the J.W`s for cowards that they are .

    Can you imagine any of the first century apostles skulking away after being questioned about their faith ? and not putting their trust in the Holy Spirit to put words in their mouths to silence the critics ?

    I take my hat off to you brave ex JW lady for having the gumption to do what you are doing and be sure you are shaming them for their cowardice.

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