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  • pixel

    Is this new? I noticed it today:

  • WingCommander

    JW's: A psuedo-religious CULT posing as a Christian religion that is in fact a front for a publishing and real estate empire.

    Motto: "The beatings will continue, until morale improves."

    Charity: The sheep donate funds to take care of the shepherd, instead of the shepherd tending the flock. Feel the love!

  • eyeuse2badub

    The 'donation' work is becoming a more prominent feature of the preaching activity!

    just saying!


  • _Morpheus
    Cant say if its new but its certainly becoming more prominate
  • ToesUp

    If you click it you can NOW create an account and set up a recurring donation. How convenient! No, we are nothing like Christendom!

    Good lord...our parents are rolling over in their graves!

  • cappytan
    If it lets you, make the recurring donation $0.01. The transaction charges should actually cost more than a penny, so in effect, you'll be taking money from them.
  • antes8080
    It's not new, they use to have it were you log in.
  • ToesUp

    "It's not new, they use to have it were you log in."

    They just made it a LITTLE MORE convenient! lol

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. Follow the money!

  • tim3l0rd
    I hadn't seen in on the main page. The only place I saw it before was after logging in. Interesting...
  • LevelThePlayingField
    Ok, now just watch, it's down there on the bottom, so humbly. But it will slowly creep it's way to the main part of the page and become a main button.

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