Reasons for doubting.

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim


    Not Visible= Poor Association, maybe even demonic.

    Nothing more hollow than the above reasoning.

  • truthlover123

    Your wife is the key to you missing meetings... many on board have faded just by implying they are depressed, having so many pressures on them its hard to get ot the meetings and especially if the mate is sick.. you need to be there to assist in anyway you can..

    I am sure, as an ex elder you have heard this yourself in conversations with those who are not regular meeting attenders - and as you know, these folks were talked about in the elders meetings as to their spirituality, not fully appreciating these folks saw the same thing you are now seeing for yourself..

    Note that those who do fade, or those still in don't leave--( or many don't) --Jehovah... they are not Apostates if they don't believe the party line anymore.. and to saddle people with this term does them harm - as you will find out, if you haven't already... we became witnesses because we thought it was the truth, stayed for years, the truth today is not like it was even 10 year ago.."". those now living WILL die"", not " those now living will never die", which they changed to "those now living MAY never die" another eye opener- in the WT several years ago.

    The word generation now known as contemporaries - (where they have made changes to support the Biblical wording) what a disgrace to the Bible where it does say time after time the word(s) "Generation" and Generation after generation" -- not "contemporary after a generation.....

    You know too the private and confidential memos that go to the COBOE and elders to be discussed by the body but not to be read to the congregation i.e. increased funds to cover worldwide building work - page 2 - that after a period of time if the congregations was not making their resolution, the body would once again ask the congregation to submit new amounts to be covered. What did you think of that money grab?

    When I came into the truth (or thought it was) the thing was that only contributions would cover costs -- no money would be asked of the congregation like the religions do!! Hasn't that changed!! and the WTBTS went to court years ago when the contributions were stopped to back an evangelist TV preacher.... Now its resolution after resolution -( If you don't put your hand up to agree, all eyes are upon you- guilt trip!).....and monies to be taken from the congregations and IF they need, it they can get it back!! What's chances.... WW building has been stopped.. Co's are on the hook if the elders make congregation with the increased spotlight on child abuse, over 1000 pedos in Australia (Royal Commission report on line from the court) may be investigated and victims to be paid... major cases found the WTBTS liable for payment in the US recently for millions...Britain is a hot bed for JW sexual predators (they are supposed to be setting up their own Commission) ..... and you wonder where money is going??

    Rutherford said when the money stops, the preaching work will stop ... Jehovah will provide til then - apparently it is stopping.. they are taking money out of all the congregations accounts...leaving enough for 1 -2 months hall expenses ..

    It is indeed a troublesome time for the society....

    You should take your time and back out slowly

  • stuckinarut2

    Great thread!

    Many valid points I agree with!

    "Performance based spirituality" Yep!...sounds silly, but that is EXACTLY what it is!

  • Vidiot
    My "reasons for doubting" included the increasingly difficult-to-accept status of the Deluge as literal history, realizing evolution had to be true, and an increasing problem with the idea that everybody except JWs were going to be completely wiped out soon.
  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    Im very very disapointed that these men are flogging a dead horse....soo embarassing.
  • New day
    New day


    I was disgusted with the money grab. I was accounts servant just before the big change and was so glad I handed it in to someone else before it was implemented. You say to back out slowly. So hard to do anything as I have been in for over 30 years and my wife is fully in even though she has missed many meetings due to health issues. Now I am viewed with bemusement and head scratching on the part of others as I don't fit into the pre-ordained pigeon holes.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Rutherford said when the money stops, the preaching work will stop ... Jehovah will provide til then - apparently it is stopping..

    Actually that was Russell in the 2nd issue of the WT.


  • mynameislame
    I think this new generation teaching is going to be a wake up call for many. I'm seriously half expecting a call from some of my old JW friends any day now. Even if they kind of accept it for now, it has to be eating away at their sensibilities. The only stuff that makes less sense is the stuff they surround the discussions with. The one I listened to went on about how Jesus wasn't using generation in a negative context when he refereed to this.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Two big areas I had to realize were bogus about the WBTS were the doctrine of a Global flood and that all 7.5 Billion on Earth but JW's were to be wiped out. No chronology in the Bible at all to support those two doctrines.
  • truthlover123

    New Day:

    Is your wife receiving calls and visits from those in the congregation? If so, they may be the reason why she is fully in.. if the shoe were on the other foot and she was not, she would see things differently. So, at this point, are they speaking to her of your pulling back? If they are scratching their heads about you, they are probably passing this onto her when they do visit. I mentioned slowly as it will affect her, especially is she is sick, it will intensify that illness. She has a hope - that in the New system she will be well and happy, that is the hold on her. I think, truth be told, we all hope for better days....

    You, for all intents, must be "healthy" as you held the position as elder and saw it all.. this is emotionally draining as many elders don't get the support from other elders - who can you turn to? You know many body of elders head bang in their private meetings, and some elders even get blind sided when two or three want to get rid of others. It is definitely your decision - all the best in that and keep us updated. There is a lot of support here.

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