Peace security

by asp59 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Finkelstein

    This peace and security proclamation gets bantered around quite often by JWS for the WTS injects the thought that mankind is going to suffer great pains and disturbances soon as in the Great Tribulation, all Biblicaly prophesied no less.

    After all its in the bible and we all know how honest the bible writings are and men who exploit those writings to proliferate literature in an act of charlatanism, like the WTS and others modern day charlatans.

    Fear and human ignorance has been long standing exploitative advantage used by the Watchtower Corporation, thankfully the majority of the population can see what its really doing in manipulating people to serve its own means and purpose. $$$

  • mikeflood
    mikeflood mean like at the end of the statement for the U.S. North Korea summit on June 12, 2018 "promotion of peace, prosperity and security of the Korean peninsula and of the world". Politicians love those words.

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