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    The International Year of Peace was recognized in 1986 by the United Nations. It was first proposed during the UN conference of November, 1981 by the United Nations Economic and Social Council, with a date associated with the fortieth anniversary of the establishment of the UN

    This one produced Orgasms at the time ~

    The logo of the International Year of Peace is two hands releasing a white dove surrounded by a laurel crown similar to the UN emblem. This logo appears in different postage stamps and on the advertising board during the 1986 FIFA World Cup in Mexico.

  • venus

    1Thess 5:3 has no meaning just like verses such as those that say Joshua stopped the sun and the moon, Jesus and Satan together went to a mountain top so that they can see the whole kingdoms of the earth ....

    If it did have meaning, the world would have been ended in 1945 when the UN was established or in 1986 when it declared International Year for Peace.

  • zeb

    It always struck me to be like guys go out in a troublesome boat and say 'well the motors fixed nothing can go wrong now'.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    The WT has gotten people to rely on them for what is supposed to happen in the last days. They don't even follow the correct sequence found in Daniel's book. They can't. Russell started out on the wrong foot and the rest of those following his religion have to do the same.

    That being said, the WT's explanation of the Peace and Security cry is something like this - The world thinks it has solved the problem only God can fix. So their cry of Peace and Security is likened to the tower of Babels boast of "nothing can stop us now, we don't need God" Which is false according to WT.

    It's past my bedtime so I won't swear to everything being 100% correct.

  • punkofnice
    asp59 - Can someone give a logical answer to it.

    It depends if you're a believer or not.

    To me, a non believer, it's just words on a page. Not inspired of any deity. So, it doesn't need to be any more logical than a nonsense verse in a children's book.

  • Vidiot

    My JW elder Dad told me that the global cry of "Peace and Security" would be a lie, and that's why the Great Trib would start.

  • EverApostate

    Jehovah is a Jealous God and he would never give his glory to anyone, as per Bible.

    Hence when mere humans achieve peace and Security, he cant withstand it and will bring upon destruction. Sounds like the action of a Psycho ?

  • Finkelstein

    Can someone give a logical answer to it.

    Only in the sense that these words like so many others in the bible were expressions of mythology meaning they are fiction but were originally expressed to equate power and relevance to the ancient Hebrew god., their god.

  • redvip2000
    Never have understood why sudden destruction most come after announcement of peace and security. Is not peace and security a good thing? Can someone give a logical answer to it.

    It's almost like asking for a divorce after spending a wonderful vacation week with your spouse. But why do you expect this to make sense? These are words from middle eastern peasants who didn't even understand they should wash their hands after shitting. Now we are supposed be inspired by their bronze age writings? Give me a break.

    You know what else doesn't make sense? that fact that Satan would cooperate with God in his plan. So god is trying to prove to all observers that humans cannot have good lives without him, and Satan goes on to help him prove that point? Why? The only sensible thing to do would be for Satan to do whatever he can to make human lives better so that he can rub it on God's face.

  • Bobcat

    Had a similar thread here.

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