Are JWs Still Leaving Tracts at Gravesites?

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  • blondie

    A grieving mother broke down in tears after she found a Jehovah's Witnesses pamphlet asking 'Can the dead really live again?' left at her son's grave.

    The woman and her daughter were visiting the 20-year-old's grave at Penrith Cemetery in western Sydney during the first Mother's Day since his suicide when they found the pamphlet.

    'Can the dead really live again?' the pamphlet read on the front cover, with the options 'yes', 'no' and 'maybe'.

    The man's sister said her mother was already struggling to cope with her son's absence on Mother's Day before they found the flyer.

    'My mum had been trying to hold it together all morning. It was always going to be a hard visit (to the cemetery) that day, but the flyer was a bit of salt in the wound,' the man's sister, who wished to remain anonymous, said.

    The woman said there were flyers left at every grave in her brother's section of the cemetery.

    'Plots in that cemetery are going for up to $4000 plus, you expect some kind of security in this place.

    'One of the graves I removed a flyer from had the flyer underneath a little dog statue that was sitting beside the tombstone.

    'All I thought was, imagine if that little dog was a family heirloom that meant something to the decease and was damaged because it was being carelessly handled by a church that wanted to get their sales numbers up? You'd be pretty livid.'

    A Jehovah's Witnesses spokesman said the choice to leave the flyers at the cemetery was 'an individual matter' and would have been carried out by someone from 'one of the local churches there'.


    If you look at the picture in the article, the tract was definitely WTS material. And the WTS encourages jws to go to the cemeteries on days when people will likely be there in larger numbers at the same time, Memorial Day perhaps.

    A sister in Chile, while witnessing in a cemetery, spoke to a woman who had lost her 12-year-old son in an accident. not online

    Cemeteries (index) 1935-1985

    experiences in witnessing: yb66 276-277; yb65 124, 256; yb62 252; g62 5/8 21-23


    Kingdom recordings in Portuguese finally arrived in late 1938. On All Souls’ Day, the sound car went from cemetery to cemetery playing the records “Where Are the Dead?,” “Jehovah,” and “Riches,” reaching over 40,000 mourners!

  • zeb

    On a grave! How typical of some one raised to be utterly heartless and see only the wt party line.If they cared for the bereaved they might have left some flowers.

  • zeb

    words fail me.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Wow ... I didn't know JWs did that at all.


  • Diogenesister

    I notice the mail online reproduced the pamphlet almost full size!!! I imagine witnesses high-five-ing over that one!!!

  • sir82

    I remember we had a CO once, many years ago, who would dedicate one morning to such travesty every time he visited a congregation.

    I never did it - even when I was a full-on believer, I found the idea just utterly, completely ghoulish.

  • pale.emperor

    Can you imagine if a JW was visiting a JWs grave and found a "Chick Tract" about hell on the grave?

    They'd be pretty livid.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Are JW's still leaving TRASH at gravesites?

    yes, in fact they leave TRASH in a lot of places!

    just saying!

  • tiki

    Yeah..back in the day I remember one pioneer sis who used to do that. Easy time...nobody home..I thought it was kinda sick.

  • Spiral

    We used to do that when I was young. Because we were told we were doing people a favor, giving them the "good news" and comfort at a grievous time. A lot of publishers wrote letters to people mentioned as relatives in obituaries, after looking up the addresses in the phone book (you could do that, way back when). And count all that time, of course.

    It was a certain naivete´ that made that possible then (60s and 70s). If they are doing that now, it is sick.

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