Special Seating at the Convention

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  • mann377

    Has anyone noticed at the convention that there is special reserved seating? The convention that I attended (to keep peace in the family) had seating in the suites of the arena. All arenas, stadiums etc. have these suites or boxes for high rollers during sporting events. Some friends of mine were in this suite and I was told you have to have a ticket to get in. In fact you can not get on the elevator to this location unless you have a ticket. I was turned away from the elevator because I did not have a ticket (I was testing this out). Does anyone else on the forum know about this? It has been going on for some time. How do you get a ticket? Money? The people that I know that had tickets were not high up in the org. The shear fact that you do not have access to visit friends unless you have a ticket is outrageous!! It would be great if the news media showed this about a local convention.

  • Finkelstein

    The difference might be who kisses ass better ?

  • carla

    We are equal, some are just more equal than others.

  • iwasblind
    Its not money - it is pure brown nosing. People with certain "responsibilities" and their families and then they have their mates work for them and it spreads like that.
  • _Morpheus

    Sigh.... no its not “ticketed” as such. Its used by dubby convention staff for their families. The department heads use them. So whoever is heading up the attendants, who ever is chairman, the bethel speakers etc etc.... this dosent mean its not a case “some are more equal than others” as it clearly is, but its not being sold. Its being given those who work for free or have kissed enough ass to rise up in the ranks.

    I always HATED that, especially when i was elder. I argued every year that nobody should be granted special privileges just because they were working, it was all volunteer, everyone donated to keep the lights on and rent the facility and so on.... i always proposed letting the elderly or infirm use them. It seemed to me that their age and years of faithfulness should have entitled them to a small token of appreciation. And every year a few agreed... but not enough. Guess who didnt? The people who would have lost their special sky boxs and had to sit with the riff raff in the regular seats.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Right it's for the higher ups in convention oversight. I was offered special parking but not the special seating. I usually turned down the parking pass because it always felt wrong to me.

  • Sorry

    I’ve decided to use stairs more to maintain a healthy weight, and this convention was no different. When I got to the top floor level at the stadium, all the frigging doors were locked. I was confused, so I just decided to walk down one flight. When I got into the wing, it turned out to be the suite level. Within seconds an attendant rushed towards me (I need to make a separate thread on these psychotic atendants), and asked “Sister, do you have a suite pass?”

    At this point I was super confused so I just told him I was lost. He then told me without a pass I’m not allowed on the floor. I wasn’t trying to be there anyway, all I wanted to do was take the escalators since that was my only way back to the top floor. I told him I was just going to take the escalators back to my seat. Him and three other attendants stared me down the whole time. Then I saw it: other attendants and their whole families sitting in the court seats. I have no clue why my presence had them so shook up. It’s not some big secret and it’s not like anyone really cares. You would’ve thought they were smoking crack or were having an orgy the way they were so secretive.

  • LV101

    They're such loser jerks! One of my first out of state convention/assembly/whatever rushing to get to arena -- my child, nephew/their friends and so darn hot a camel couldn't survive in Phoenix. Walked several blocks and realized I didn't have my or cult-prison ID tag on. Somehow I was allowed to enter but It was the end of the world. I went up to a concession stand to buy bottled waters and something with sugar to survive. Couple of wanna be W/T goons approached me and told me I wasn't allowed to buy anything! Oh - if I could only go back in time! I walked out of the arena to go purchase bottled waters -- unreal.

    Yep - definitely Christ like/NOT!! No wonder I was always interested in what the apostates outside these events had to say. Loved their signs and they seemed to be much happier and having a better time than I!

  • Whynot

    My brother gets to sit there. He's an elder and takes care of the donations and some other stuff I can't remember.

  • jws

    Never really noticed when I was a JW. Way back when, I think they used suites and other areas for things like a medic station. Or for places like storing things like publications and such before they were distributed, lock up donations, count them, etc.

    But then again, that was in older arenas and stadiums - before the elite had separate levels for their suites like they build them now. So there was no "floor" you can't go to.

    The main legitimate reason to keep people away, as far as I could see, is they've got to have a room to store and count the donations. And you don't want people just "showing up" near that. Thousands of JWs amount to 10's of thousands of dollars - probably a lot of it cash.

    Most suites are set up to let you see the floor (be it the baseball field, foot ball field, arena, whatever). With a pair of binoculars, you could look from the other side into those suites and see what's going on. I always brought binoculars to the big conventions so we could see the dramas - but also used them to people-watch.

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