Bethel Library moving to Warwick, are older items 'vanishing'

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  • blondie

    Oh, the Revelation Climax book was studied 4 times.

    But the book of Revelation studied too in the

    Babylon the Great book

    Finished Mystery (newer, no 1917 version)

  • Lostandfound

    My point is that as they discarding 'Heritage' of Brooklyn is it not a good time for them to attempt to discard their real 'heritage' , written words.

    As time goes by fewer dubs will even know this stuff existed, in fact as stuckinarut said above, KH libraries cleansed of pre 1980 literature.

    As they clearly move to promote themselves as a new all clean all dancing religion via use of videos etc how apt is it to dump the past.

    Personally they could dump the lot, next clean out due. In around another 80 years when they reinvent themselves again. So not too far in distant 1914 will not only be long gone, it will be long forgotten, not just erased but never mentioned. I have witnessed 3 iterations of GB in my lifetime, iterations 4,5 and 6 etc will come and go soon memory of no 3 will fade and vanish, suiting nos 4 etc to switch and adjust to keep the money rolling in. How convenient that all your past errors have gone, washed not in the blood of the Lamb, but the constant stream of time.And hidden in a dumpster.

    WT owes so much to so many but like a debt it gets forgotten in the mist of time. I wish my mortgage had been adjusted to zero.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    I remember when I was doing temp. work at bethel and was starting to wake up there was a post that said the Wt. Maz. Still had the cross on the front cover up to 1943 or 1944. This was a test for me to see what was being said on this site was true. So one evening I went to their library and found the row with all the Wt. volumes. Guess what I found? What was brought out here was true. This was important information for me because I was taught the Wt. stop using the cross around 1920 or so. I agree it does not matter much what the Borg does with the old literature after we are all long gone they will keep changing their teachings. But it sure help me to see the light. Still Totally ADD

  • darkspilver
    Still Totally ADD: I remember when I was doing temp. work at bethel and was starting to wake up there was a post that said the Wt. Maz. Still had the cross on the front cover up to 1943 or 1944... Guess what I found? What was brought out here was true. This was important information for me because I was taught the Wt. stop using the cross around 1920 or so.


    It is very impotant that old literature remains available, and is not thrown away or destroyed

    Yearbook 1975, page 148

    Concerning the wearing of 'cross and crown pins,' Lily R. Parnell comments: "This to Brother Rutherford’s mind was Babylonish and should be discontinued. He told us that when we went to the people's homes and began to talk, that was the witness in itself." Accordingly, reflecting on the 1928 Bible Students convention in Detroit, Michigan, Brother Suiter writes: "At the assembly the cross and crown emblems were shown to be not only unnecessary but objectionable. So we discarded these items of jewelry." Some three years thereafter, beginning with its issue of October 15, 1931, The Watchtower no longer bore the cross and crown symbol on its cover.

    Watchtower Masthead 1 October 1931 - with cross

    Watchtower Masthead 15 October 1931 - without cross

  • LV101

    According to my friend (her husband resigned as elder and walked away because of child abuse) old books in the library at hall were being destroyed almost a decade ago. She indicated at the time these were extra volumes (who knows - she may have been told they were extras) but there was a plethora from the hall's library in her garage.

  • alanv

    I can totally understand how Watchtower would want old books thrown away from the Kingdom Hall libraries. Obviously the newer the books are the more likely they will have present truth, whereas the older ones have crazy stuff that was rejected years ago, and is a real embarrasment to them.

  • steve2

    The OP speaks as if having the earlier publications on hand in the Bethel library would be problematic. Really? You mean Bethelite "scholars" might chance upon earlier "truths" and become disturbed? Very, very unlikely. More disturbing stuff is found within the current organization.

    A recent podcast from a former Bethelite - whose name eludes me (others know?) - stated that copies of apostate literature were kept in a locked cupboard as recently as 2005.

    Who knows - or cares - that Chuck Russell orginally declared that "the last days" had begun in 1799?

    Besides, Betrhel can expunge its library, but copies of the very early publications are held elsewhere.

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    All three US Branch facilities have a full library with either original or reproductions of every book and magazine produced by Watchtower. So there are always copies somewhere else if someone really wanted to find it.

  • Athanasius

    The Watchtower might find it helpful to put an expiration date on their publications, like one finds on the milk cartons. So if the Watchtower published and released a new book at their 2017 conventions, they could print on the cover: "Best if read before 12/31/2025. Discard after 12/31/2027."

  • Lostandfound


    sorry if I. Not clear, my point simply that aka Russia removing the out of favour leaders, e.g. Bulganin from photos then if written history does not exist then try and expunge it in line with present truth.

    I have several original bound volumes of WT, bequeathed by an anointed brother who served in early days here in U.K., and many more have copies. Almost impossible to cleanse history, at least in the relative short term. Most brothers I knew revered old publications as if they were sacred, of course present generation not aware of them and as generations pass they will become unheard of.

    Cannot imagine a WT publication today having a picture of GB when RF was a member, with him shown on picture. Unwanted history easier to obscure , much as early girlfriends best not mentioned around wife!

    Sorry for not being cleared, problem with expressing clear thoughts since my brain tumour surgery, I know what I want to express but somehow it does not come out in speech or typing, usually use too many words so meaning obscured. Love this forum, almost my window on the world, really enjoy all the posts which are well written and clear as yours are

    BTW was 'fake future news' in some of those old publications ......not only 1914.

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