Bethel Library moving to Warwick, are older items 'vanishing'

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  • Lostandfound

    In a post re dates etc from Fatfreek reference was made to huge library at Bethel with items dating back to Pastor Rs day. Like the year 1975 which has vanished from WT theology, are GB using move to let them put all old and inconvenient items into some sort of cold storage and off Library shelves

    Already the Revelation book has gone from the orgs website, and that was quite recent relatively, we studied it 3 times at Congregation Book Study, yet now, like type and antitype it mysteriously was never there. We must have spent years studying nothing!

    Move a perfect time for Spring Cleaning? Get rid of inconvenient truths.

  • alanv

    Well personally I think they will keep all the old literature. Nothing has changed apart from them moving.

    They have already acknowledged that they have ''readjusted'' their understanding of scripture, which is why they have brought out so many new books over the last 140 years. For those at Bethel and also JW visitors it is evidence that the governing body has been providing loads of spiritual food over past decades.

  • Gorbatchov

    Same thoughts I had recently.

    I think some items will get trown away.

    Other items will be saved by individuals.

    It all depents if there is a person in an oversight position who has historical interest and the guts to save the not relevant items. 😕


  • redpilltwice

    Correction: Revelation book was studied four times.

    Not sure if you meant three times as for "we", but I know because my very first congregation book study was during the third time. I was extremely happy with the fourth time because it was my favorite book. Deeper things only to be understood by the remnant and hidden for satan's system? My ass!!! All vanished... swept from the table with one stroke... never forgave them for this new "light". Friggin' unbelievable!!!

  • Lostandfound


    Correct, 4 times, apparently because they held large stocks and each time of studying at book study sold, sorry, moved a few more You are right about 4 times as remember the disbelief in my group when told we were studying it again. Fred Franz must have been high on more than Oranges when he penned that. Read somewhere that he lived on Oranges, plainly a nutter.

    You are right about it being deep and imparted impression that you were allowed to know all this, and as you say, voila, it was gone.I was a book study conductor every time we studied it, a nightmare to get answers or understanding on the material.

  • zeb

    and any record of....."stay alive till '75.." no doubt.

  • stuckinarut2

    Well every Kingdom Hall was told by the branch , that their library was to be reduced to publications from 1980 onwards only.

    I know for a fact that several boxes of old books, including studies in the scriptures were thrown into the rubbish by the then presiding overseer of the local hall during a working day.

    I objected to this "destruction of our spiritual heritage", and kept a large box of the books. That was the beginning of my awakening, as I gradually read many of those publications! Now I understand why they wanted them destroyed! The stuff in them was embarrassing and crazy!

  • kpop

    And any record of the brothers telling married couples "do not have children because the end is near!" and "do not go to school because the end is near!" and do not make a career because...." you know.The WT cult is nothing but frauds.

  • darkspilver

    Correction: Revelation book was studied four times.

    Yes four times:

    - Week Starting 17 April 1989
    - Week Starting 18 March 1991
    - Week Starting 3 October 1994
    - Week Starting 8 January 2007

    The 2007 Study included the corrections/adjustments contained in the four page insert from the Kingdom Ministry September 2006.

    Index 1986-2016 / Congregation Book Study (Discontinued) / publication to be studied

  • scratchme1010

    Simple question, how does keeping or throwing items will affect (a) what they said before and what they say now, (b) what they will continue changing in the future, (c) your own personal stance on the WT, or (d) what current and former JWs think of them? (OK, that was a 4-part question).

    In other words, how relevant it is that they keep or discard their own old literature? They cannot undo their past, and by now it's clear that they are as full of --it as they have always been, and those who choose not to accept that will continue making excuses for them, so why does it matter?

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