Saturday Let the Games Begin

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  • jookbeard
    I'm not known now where I live plus I live a few miles away from my old cong, but in the over 20 years I've been out I've not been called on nor have I seen a invite put through the letterbox, don they still do this?
  • Phizzy

    I got up fairly early this morning, with the intention of getting to they shops before any JW's were about, they usually fanny about getting actually started till about 11, and finish at 12.

    Not so today, they were all over the place like rash, really early for them, so I guess they have been told to cover the whole "Territory", and I guess we may get a knock.

    I shall not mince words, I don't know exactly what I shall say,but they will get the message in no uncertain terms that they have zero credibility with me, they still run a Paedophiles Paradise after all.

  • FayeDunaway
    Got invited last year. It was miserable. Lovely sisters I used to know knocked at my front door. I hid. Then they knocked at my back door! I still hid. My husband had our dead Christmas tree he had been meaning to mulch for MONTHS out there. It was so obviously a Christmas tree! And there they were. And, I had to go to work, desperately, right THEN, or I would be late. I waited. One minute. Two minutes. Maybe they were gone? I ran out the door, and ran into them just as they started knocking on my GARAGE Door. Seriously?? Very awkward moment. I told them I had to go to work and thanked them for the memorial invitation. I tried to block the Christmas tree from their vision with my body, even tho it was of course too late. The sister left her contact info on a post it note. I later emailed her and told her thank you but I've moved on.
    And I get to look forward to this again this year??? At least my husband has already mulched the Christmas tree this time :\.
  • OneEyedJoe
    If they call on me this year I'll simply be polite but honest. No more game playing.

    This is the direction I'm leaning too. I think I'd be happy for them to df me in least then I'll find out who my real friends/family are.

  • LostGeneration
    Huh, I missed that letter as well. It will be very interesting if they happen to find me, as I will hit them head on with what are they doing now in response to the ARCs findings last year. If they give me a satisfactory answer I will accept their invitation. So that means there is a 0% chance of accepting the invitation.
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    After reading yesterdays post by Mrs R-Awaken found here , If they come to my door I plan to tell them that I haven't been to a meeting since 2008 and I was reading John 6:52-58 and ask them to read it with me and then ask them to explain to me again why JW's don't partake of the emblems and ask them to remind me where in the Bible it says partaking is limited to certain ones.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    One tract campaign ends and another one soon begins after. To the Regional Conventions. It seems in recent years, the Borg doesn't release the Title of the Regional Conventions until after the Memorial.
  • stuckinarut2

    "Thanks for stopping by, but we are already aware of the memorial and that brochure. So anyway, how have YOU been keeping? ..... That's great...take care, bye"

  • Stuck in the middle37
    Stuck in the middle37
    They came by last yr. with an invitation. We were at the table eating, My wife said here come some witnesses don't answer the door. If you know me you'd know I can't do that. At the door they offered the invitation I said no because I didn't think what they were doing was right or scriptural I ask if they could show me a text where anyone was ever invited to go as an observer, there was no observers invited to the last supper and Paul never said to do that. Those invited where to partake. They said they had to go. I said if they do, don't come back. At the sidewalk they stopped to write down the house number and notes I walk out to where they were and ask why they didn't follow the organ. directions not to write down things in front the house. Its rude and people don't like it. So they left.
  • Listener

    In regards to John 6:52-58 they will say (as per the Insight book)

    "This is not contradicted by Jesus’ words at John 6:51-57. Jesus was not there discussing the Lord’s Evening Meal; such an arrangement was not instituted until a year later. The ‘eating’ and ‘drinking’ mentioned in this account are done in a figurative sense by exercising faith in Jesus Christ, as is indicated by verses 35 and 40."

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