Another trolley (That's Cart to Americanos), encounter today.

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  • punkofnice

    I couldn't bleedin' well resist it. There were these 2 jobo blokes standing behind a Jobot trolley. The dublications were in Russian.

    So I sidled over and asked, 'that Russian then?'

    Jobo with a smile, 'Yes.'

    ME, 'You Russians then?'

    Smiling Jobo, 'No. We're Lithuanians.'

    Me, 'why the Russian stuff?'

    Jobo, 'there are lots of Russians that we're reaching out to.'

    Me, 'Russians? 'Ere? Bleedin' 'ell, I ain't seen none, mate. Boston maybe, but not here.'

    Then we had a friendly chat about this and that. I avoided religion at all costs, I just wanted to be friendly.

    Then religion got mentioned. I said, "I'm a Nihilist,"

    Jobo, 'What's that?'

    I explained about the futility of life et al. But I'm good with it. Don't need an imaginary friend in the sky.

    I see the futility of life. We are just a virus on the planet. In a million years from now, when the sun explodes and destroys this section of the universe, aliens, in their flying saucers, will look out and say, 'no. there weren't nothing here.' "

    Jobo, 'but god........'

    Me, 'Come on, mate. There ain't no god and the bible is a load of old rubbish written by blokes, not god.'

    Jobo, deer in the headlights look. I changed the subject to something more appropriate....CAKE!!

    I have to say, they were lovely blokes. I told them they were deluded but I don't care. Everything is futile. Better make the most of it and make our short life happy without American religion like the JW. org.

    We left on very good terms. I feel sorry for them because I was deluded by that stupid god sh1t once and they're wasting their lives.

    No way am I going to embarrass myself by confronting them with ARC and all that stuff. Life's too short. We're all gonna die so who cares? Well, I do a bit. There's nothing after we die, so all this political, religious tribal schtick is a monumental waste of time.

    I still haven't had any cake yet. (Had chocolate, not cake).

  • contramundum

    I also like cake 🎂 😀

  • fulltimestudent

    I like it!

    Next time your in Sydney I'll treat to you some cake from an excellent Taiwanese cake shop.

  • sparrowdown

    Careful punk, it always starts with "they were such lovely blokes" or "I don't agree with them but they were soooo nice" or a variant of and next thing you know you're sitting next to your study conductor in a KH putting your hand up and answering "JE -hov-ver" while all the "nice"dubbies" smile patronizingly at you from across the aisle.

    A slippery slope my friend a slippery slope 😉

  • oppostate

    What kind of frosting?

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Punk great story. 😁. Still Totally ADD

  • Finkelstein

    Next time ask them how JWS can possibly hold in conviction that their organization and its leaders are being guided by god when their organization has been teaching false doctrines such as date setting going back to the late 1800's and all throughout he 20th century ?

    Its easy for anyone to say they are being guided by god's spirit but if their doctrines and behavior dont inline with the teachings of Jesus, they cant correctly and honestly identify themselves as true Christians

    Then add in that you think the JWS's doctrines have been devised strategically to proliferate the WTS's literature and therefore are tainted with false inaccurate teachings in preaching the Gospel.

    he he ...... give them something to think about at least.

  • Diogenesister

    Cheer up uncle Punky, we can always move to Mars for a bit of shade when Earth gets a bit too hot!

    Anyway when the Sun finally does blow her gasket we've already sorted our next gaf:

    Planets close to smaller stars called red dwarfs spent much longer in their habitable zones. These stars burn through their *main sequence much more slowly, so the habitable zone moves slowly too. One planet, Gliese 581d, orbits a red dwarf a mere 20 light years from Earth in the constellation of Libra. It is expected to spend 42bn to 55bn years in a habitable zone.

    That name will have to go, Gliese 581d is a bit of a mouthful if you ask me!

    * Edit: fusing hydrogen into Helium

  • BluesBrother

    When I was doing what Brits call " the work" I would have loved a spirited but friendly talk with a bloke like you, Punk. My wife still would. A lot of 'em today could not handle it though...

    Well done for giving them something to think about .... ( even though I still disagree with your assessment of life) .

  • Xanthippe

    You did good Punk, not being rude to them. We used to be them! I have noticed the trolley JWs in my town on a Saturday. I recognise one guy, his family lived five doors away from us when I was a child. Not around here, strange to see him again. Our mothers were friends and I was friends with his sister.

    I haven't gone up to speak, every time I walk by I look over but he looks away. I don't know what I would say. The guys on here who do speak to them say some good things but I just can't seem to think about it when I'm out shopping. I just don't think about religious beliefs when I'm in the town. Must try harder.

    By the way you sound like a man in much need of cake, make sure you have some today. 😀 How's your daughter getting on?

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