Another trolley (That's Cart to Americanos), encounter today.

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  • freddo

    Yesterday I went and did a bit of shopping in our cong territory and I drove into the shopping area where at the entrance were two "worthies" being ignored - and there were lots of passersby.

    One I recognised as an old faithful (and exceptionally genuine) elder in his 80's. He and his family have been through real unpleasantness in jw land but he has soldiered on from the early 1970's until now. It was cold and he had a woolly hat, heavy coat and leaned on a cane. He looked cold and miserable (or cold and resolute if you prefer) and I wanted to pull over, put my arm around him and say ...


    But of course I didn't.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i wonder how many oldies will croak it through spending hours in the bitter cold standing guard over their precious carts.

  • Stirred

    The is depressing

  • Giordano

    The JW's are sitting out there practicing being targets.

    Trolley's......... worse idea since lugging around portable record players to play a speech by that idiot Rutherford. Worse then that...... loud speakers so you could drive through a neighborhood blasting his message and disturbing the peace and quite.

    No wonder Eisenhower dropped all mention that he was raised as a JW or at that time a Bible Student.

    During WW2 the reputation of the JW's was trashed.

    And that cycle is repeating itself today.

  • millie210

    Note to self: Before the conversation gets rough, switch to cake!

    Thank you punk, great job with those trolley handlers.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Diogenesister, I am greatly relieved to realise we have a safety net for our species a mere 20 light years away. Phew!

    Punky I was out on the town last night (went to see Amadeus at the National Theatre--stupendo) and outside Embankment station were two young men engrossed in talking to each other with "JW org" tattooed on their foreheads, perhaps not but you know how it gives that impression. The thing was there were hundreds of thousands of passers by but not within spitting distance of the JWs who were backed up against a wall in a corner with their trolley propaganda.

    No doubt they imagine they are "giving a witness even if no one listens" but for goodness sake no one even looked their way let alone listened. I suppose this is the normal futility of JW org preaching and how they work today.

  • punkofnice

    Thanks you all for your comments. I would love to respond to you all individually but I don't want to get repetitive strain injury. I'll answer questions as best I can.

    Oppostate - What kind of frosting?

    Anything Krispy-Kremey

    Xan - How's your daughter getting on?
    Good thanks. She loves it in Canaaaaaaaada. I'm happy for her. We skype and stuff so it's not too bad. I need another Sunday morning coffee friend now. Oddly, a lovely young Muslin girl who was my daughter's best friend has offered to have a hot choccy with me when she's in town. She says that she wishes I was her real Dad because I'm awesome (guilty as charged, lovey). I am now her adopted Dad.

    I think that was it for the questions.............................

  • AverageJoe1


    Trolley's......... worse idea since lugging around portable record players to play a speech by that idiot Rutherford.

    I don't know about that. I saw a couple yesterday who had the two trolleys set up next to each other, whilst the JWs were sat 100m from them in the bar having food and drinks. Nice easy ministry if you ask me!

  • Xanthippe

    Aww Punky that's great you're being adopted!

    I'm glad your girl's enjoying Canada.

  • EverApostate
    I see the futility of life. We are just a virus on the planet. In a million years from now, when the sun explodes and destroys this section of the universe, aliens, in their flying saucers, will look out and say, 'no. there weren't nothing here.'

    That's true. Even before our sun Explodes, what happens after we die. A few of our close ones would remember it for their lifetime and they are too gone shortly thereafter and our identity totally wiped out for eternity.

    Religion and god is all a joke when we realize this hard truth.

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