What is your favorite nickname for the Society?

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  • Faraon

    I love "The Borg" because:
    It is a corruption of "The Org."
    It is a square Org. (Ok, it is a cube, but it is square on all sides)
    Its purpose is to absorb everyone, and
    It describes the brainwashed state of its members, who are half organic human (but without the sense of a life of their own, half robots.

    As for the WTBS (Watch Tower Bull Sh!t) most alike name, I like the one an old site rumored to have being closed down by Crooklin, used as its header:
    Witchtower Babble and Trick Society.


  • think41self

    Hey, I like this post....can't be arguing with bible thumpers all the time, can we Farkel? Now THAT would give me a headache.

    FreePeace...You know I like it when you talk dirty.

    I too think the "borg" is sooooo appropriate!

    But on the lighter side, being from the south, we could call it the "KKK"...Knowledge Killing Kult.


    "Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

  • nojw86

    I liked reading this too, makes laugh, and lord knows I need them all. When I first starting posting seemed like everyone called it the Borg, but now my husband and I refer to them as the Brooklyn Idiots......nojw

  • SixofNine

    That's easy. The truth.

    STOP throwing things!! I was kidding.

    Troof is good though.

    or, Watertower, Backhoe, and Tractor Society. {emphasis on hoe}

    GB: Brooklyn Dodgers ie. Brooklyn Codgers, ie. 12 angry men ie. F***ing puppateers.

  • Faraon


    Watertower, Backhoe, and Tractor Society. {emphasis on hoe}

    It cannot be the ho. At least hos get some tangible benefits from their pimps.


  • betweenworlds


    Just because it's not one persons idea of intellectually stimulating does not make it a waste of space! It's an open discussion board and everyone is entitled to their thoughts. Not every post is going to be an awe-inspiring, make me re-evaluate my entire existence and my place in the universe kind of thread. Sometimes a post is just a post... As has been said so often lately...If ya don't like it, don't read it! IMHHO

  • WildHorses

    That is what the WBTS stands for.

  • ZazuWitts

    Usually, I just refer to them as the WTBTS, Tower, or org...have used the term 'Borg,' once or twice in this forum. But, I really LOL reading some of your other tags, TY!

    However, my private name for the Governing Body is: Geriatric Boogeymen, because most are old poops, and they surely create the 'nightmares' attributed to 'boogeymen.'

    Welcome Lilacs - nice to have you join the group. Won't you tell us a little more about yourself? There is a thread: "Hello, Hello for 'newbies' I'll see if I can find it and bring it up to 'most active.'

  • WildHorses

    Thanks for the welcome Zazu. I am only new to this forum. I had posted at H20 a while back under a different name. I kinda lost interest with the direction it took. To much bad mouthing going on there.
    I do not post often as I don't feel I have much to offer.IWasn't a Jw for to many years. I come here more for learning than anything. After all. if not for forums like this, I may still be in the clutches of the Borg, and for this I thank all of you. Especaily the jw's, because seeing how they act here and on other forums made me see that "The Truth" was not the truth at all.

    Always treat your enemies with kindness.

  • Mulan

    My brother, who is ever so irreverant, calls it the Watchtower Tract and Babble society. And he just loves to say "Jehovah Witnesses". It just makes our mother go ballistic.

    He calls the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, "The Moron Veneral Choir". I told you he was irreverant. He has some that are worse too..........

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