Watchtower Museums

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  • eyeslice

    Now COVID restrictions are over, they're pushing on with Watchtower Museums at many locations through out the world.

    Looks to me as if they'll be pretty boring. A few old Bibles and photos of the witnessing work from way back when.

    One things for sure is they won't include anything relating to constantly changing doctrines or have libraries full of old publications that have since been swept under the carpet.

  • Ding
    I doubt they'll include a display of Russell's pyramid measurements, including changed lengths to accommodate the 1874-changed-to-1914 invisible parousia date change (when your prediction fails, get "new light")
  • Listener

    They could open up a big section on "Why are you looking forward to 1975?"

  • markweatherill
    I hope there's a display of 'donation boxes through the years'. And at the end, a donation box.
  • Gorb

    Also a section with "The generation generator".


  • Samcats

    I don't understand what they are trying to accomplish with these.

  • SadElder

    Samcats} Another money grubbing angle perhaps.

  • BluesBrother

    At a previous video I was quite impressed by a museum display of a village in Bible times ..The idea being to put you in the surroundings that Jesus would have known.

    Mind you , New York State is a long way from here so it would not benefit us.

  • WingCommander

    Just to clue you all in:

    These "museums" are nothing more than a front to gain government tax breaks on property. This is a scam Scientology has been running for decades. They buy property (an investment) remodel them, and open them as "centers" for learning about Scientology and also with some museum stuff. They are empty 99.95% of the time, because normal people who Google Scientology don't give 2 shits. Oh sure, if a curious person wonders in they'll be given a tour and a "personality test", but other than that crickets are chirping.

    When the market goes up, Scientology sells the building for pure profit. It's all a front and a scam. Now, WatchTower is getting in on the con. Doesn't shock me; WatchTower stole Scientology's playbook around 2010, and they've been slowly stealing their plays for years. What do you think the new RAMAPO multi-media center is about? It's basically WatchTower's version of "Scientology Media Productions" is Los Angeles.

    WatchTower "jumped the shark" a long time ago. Total cult and con.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ""WatchTower "jumped the shark" a long time ago. Total cult and con.""

    Jumped the shark in around mid 1990's generation change and 1914 people passing away.

    The long - timers just can't get their heads around it and accept it.

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