Adult survivor of sexual abuse as a child

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I showed the video from the midweek meeting of September 12th to my counselor to get her take on it. She said that it clearly was a propaganda video and was appalled that it was shown to an audience that had small children in it. She said that they could have been way more generic in their way of portraying the women as having been abused.

    The subject of sexual abuse and the way the video zeroed in on it would have small children asking questions that really did not need to be addressed. It would have been OK for an adult only audience and even at that why were they making such a point in a meeting that in all honestly is supposed to be about helping it's members be better at field service.

    She said it just made no sense but that it was propaganda to make it look like they have it all under control and that they are indeed helping victims, which is clearly not the case as I am going to her for my trauma of being abused.

    Just thought that was an interesting take from someone outside the JW world.



    Well, I learned about anal sex from Sam Herd. I was probably 10, when he gave a talk in my area, and I was not the youngest child present. I also heard all about masturbation, and they even tried to assign me a #4 talk about it.

    They don't give a shit about exposing young people to concepts that they may not be ready to hear, or deal with on an emotional level. They are so deluded, that they believe they are protecting young ones by exposing them to various concepts.

    Do they ask the parent's permission before bringing up a delicate, potentially embarrassing or damaging topic? No, because they are deluded narcissists.


  • Xanthippe

    LITS I don't know about this video. Has it been mentioned on here and I've missed it? It's interesting that an outsider only had to watch it to realise it's propaganda to make people think they are helping sexual abuse victims when they're clearly not.

    I'm glad you've found a good counsellor.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Thanks Xanthippe

    Yes it there was a thread about it. You can watch the video yourself if you want to by going to the JWorg web sight and viewing the meeting part for the week starting the 12 of this month. I am not good at linking it to my post I know some do but I do not know how to do that.

    The video made me so depressed as it is not in the least what I expreanced in the hall I went to. We had 3 child molesters in the hall and the CO at the time told me I had no chose but to work with them DTD as my husband was an elder.

    I have thrown a fit over it and I brought it up and up and up and out of the blue after 8 years of not attending meeting an elder called up mad at me. Well anyway long story short I met just a couple of weeks ago with the current CO and he told me I never ever, ever had to work with the child molesters and all I had to do was to tell the CO I am nothing but a volunteer.

    Really good to know expect nothing is in print expect that you must obey the elders no matter what, so when an elder demands you take a child molester DTD if you are even lucky to know that they are a pedophile and then he yells at you for not obeying him are you seriously supposed to tell the elder hey I am just a volunteer.

    Crazy and so maddening


  • Xanthippe

    Thanks I'll have a look.

    Yes that is maddening. It's always our fault isn't it? You should have said to the CO, I'm just a volunteer. It's all your fault. Like when I got sick pioneering, I should have stopped, nobody was making me pioneer! Yeah right!

  • scratchme1010

    Thanks for this post, life is to short.

    Like DATA-DOG, I learned about bestiality, adultery, fornication, anal sex, orgies and all those topics as a child and directly from the JWs.

    As I said before and will continue saying, children mean nothing to that organization. Not a thing that those people do is in favor of children, but to cover their own backs.

  • stuckinarut2


    I also showed a counsellor the video.

    She was disgusted at the manipulative nature of it!

    The way they cherry picked some points and obviously excluded other more important issues was terrible. (For example, no mention was made about a victim seeking counselling)

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Yes Stuckinarut

    No mention made of getting real help just pioneer for 12 years to drag people into the cult and go swimming. Yep that will do it or and also get invited to get together's. Funny I never get invited to do things even when I was pioneering, etc.

    I just had an elder tell me I need to break break with the elder's who were allowing child molesters to hold and take care of children in the hall. Really now I need to break bread with them, accept them because they did not know way, way, way, way, back in 2007 and 2008 that child molester really should not hold and take care of kids, Seriously I kid you not I was just told that two weeks ago and that they had to get direction from Bethel on how to handle it.

    OMG if grown men do not know that a man who rapped a 8 year old child should not hold and take care of children what are they doing as elder?

    Funny thing is I did break bread with them over and over and over only at my home NEVER at their's and I stopped because I cannot break bread with people who are so stupid. When I told the elder that he said well you are more hospitable then they are. THEY ARE ELDERS, IS THAT NOT A REQUIREMENT ELDER'S!

    I just makes my head explode.


  • zeb

    Lits. You are to be congratulated for going to a counsellor and showing the video to the counsellor.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Thanks for your report. The black pot is complaining that the kettle is black. And they will continue to run, hide, appeal cases.

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