Adult survivor of sexual abuse as a child

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  • stuckinarut2

    The society would gain so much more if they just did this:

    In one of the videos, make a comment such as:

    "aren't we thankful that Jehovah has helped us to see that even his followers have not always handled matters in the best possible way over the years"

    "We are so appreciative that we have been assisted in this modern age to make adjustments and changes. Yes, we apologise for the way some matters have been mishandled, but we trust that as we move closer to the new world, Jehovah will continually help us to get closer to his perfect standards!"

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    thanks OTWO and yes stuckinarut I would love to hear that. I know it will never in a million years happen but what a huge healing that would be to victims of abuse. I still just cannot wrap my mind around how they expect victims to be be able to hang with child molesters.

    Like I told that elder you did not see in the video the sister saying she worked in service with the man who molested her, she did not say that a CO demanded that she take a pedophile DTD, than after 8 years of anxiety have a different CO tell 'oh no you never had to do that as you are a volunteer that's all you had to say to the other CO.'

    It is truly crazy making at it's finest. With my husband in I feel so trapped sometimes and I wish with all my heart that they could just get it, understand the true pain of being molested. That elder who told me to break bread with the other stupid elders who see nothing wrong with child molesters, his wife told me she had been molested for year's by her non JW grandfather and non JW uncle, yet he still told me to make peace, it's just mind blowing.

    So many times I think what is wrong with me, why do I seem to be the only one in my area that thinks pedophiles, people who have raped children, that it is not good to send these people, men or women DTD.

    I have lost it so much when I talk to the elders, I just cannot see straight when they are stupid then I feel embarrassed by my trying to make them see, they do not want to see and they tell me I am crazy and that they just did not understand how much this would affect me. How could they not know that forcing me to be around child molester would send me into major depression?

    I really wish this religion would implode on it's self.


  • flipper

    LITS, that video is sooo bad. Really shows what they are all about - damage control, cover up, mind control. They don't give a damn about kids.

    It is so sad to see children born into this sick cult. A lot of jw parents will be in denial about all the pedophiles running free in the hall.

    Mrs. Flipper

  • flipper

    And those elders make me sick - they are the worst.

    They all know damned well what you have been through as a child, and how badly you have been treated as an adult (usually for trying to get jws to do the right thing.)

    They are so "ethically challenged" that they are still trying to drive you crazy enough to shut you up, to save their own butts. They are starting to see that all their shenanigans over the years may just get them in big trouble. I think those creeps would be happy to see you in the psych ward with your sleeves tied together.

    They are pretty pretty stupid if they don't realize that you are not the only person who knows about them. I wouldn't be surprised if they end up in a public scandal.

    At least one of them is way more likely to end up with his own sleeves tied together.

    Mrs. Flipper

  • Nevuela

    DATA-DOG What is a #4 talk?

  • freddo

    LITS - You have fought well and hard. You cannot make straight what is crooked. For your own mental health disengage from them. Especially the "Limping Lunatic" elder.

    Ecclesiastes 1 v 15

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