Watchtower Society Sued For Covering Up For Molestor Derek Packowski

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  • qua

    SACRAMENTO VICINITY (Loomis, Rocklin, Sunset Congregations): Court documents were just issued charging Derek Packowski and the Watchtower Society corporations. The papers were filed by the legal firm of Nolen Saul Brelsford of Sacramento, California. The child molestor and said corporations headed by the Governing Body over Jehovah?s Witnesses, were charged with not reporting to law enforcement and systematically conspiring and suppressing information about sexual molestation committed by Packowski when he was in a congregation in Des Plaines, Illinois, also after about 1984 and later in California at the Loomis Congregation from which formed the Rocklin and Sunset Congregations. At Loomis and Sunset congregations he was allowed unsupervised interaction with children including plaintiffs Tim C, Robert C, Andrew C and Trevor L about 1986-1998. Later as a Ministerial Servant he was allowed unsupervised contact with congregation children. Defendants routinely maintained secret archival files regarding sexual abuse by Elders, Ministerial Servants, Pioneers, and other leaders. The file's existence and contents were not disclosed or made available to law enforcement or others in order to investigate the crimes. Refer to Rudy Nolen, Esq SBN 59808 Jonathan Saul, Esq SBN 189271 William Brelsford, Esq SBN 202839; Nolen Saul Brelsford; 350 University Ave Suite 280; Sacramento, California 95825 Telephone: (916) 564-9990; Facs (916) 564-9991 *

  • JT

    This is deeeeep- the wt is in trouble if not for losing such a case but the fact that such a case is going to court-

    the wt has always handled its IMAGE ISSUE with the uttmost care- for many of us recall such phrases as

    "How will this reflect on the congo, on jah and the name of the org"

    this type of mindset has created an atompshere were secrecy is the most important thing in the world

    these type of cases will keep wt busy for years to come

  • Elsewhere

    I just heard a a loud thump and a sucking sound... I think it was the sound of the WTS starting to go down the drain.

  • Beans

    Mr. Brown is gonna get very busy, very soon! As we all know, all cases are reported.

  • Simon

    Here's wishing for a good and speedy outcome to those concerned !!

  • qua

    Yes. The California congregations are by Sacramento and northeast from San Francisco. By the way, didn't the Governing Body member Leo Greenlees attend somewhere in that area? Pat Garza spoke of ritualistic (regular) Satanic (pure evil) abuse of children by Watchtower in Los Angeles, California which is farther south.

    The halls there need investigated by law enforcement or the F.B.I., too. I bet they have a lot being hidden since there's a lot of large congregations with lots of kids the pedophiles can operate among. California has more JWs packed into it than any other part of the U.S. unless maybe beaten out by New York.

  • qua

    Another question. Anybody know who some of the elders or "20 [John] Does" are?

  • La Capra
    La Capra

    "John Does" are listed so plaintiffs' case won't be dismissed for failure to name relevant parties to the action in their initial pleading papers. Also it allows the complaint to be amended if the identities of more defendants come to light during discovery, without having to start all over. Its just a civil procedure game to ensure that this won't get tossed on a procedure technicality. And who says posting here interferes with my studying for my civ pro midterm? HAH!!! Shoshana

  • metatron

    One of the really enjoyable aspects of fighting such a cult is maneuvering the accused to turn on each other - or the

    Watchtower. According to secret Gestapo records, this is what the Nazis were able to do SIMPLY BECAUSE there

    was so much jealousy and animosity between brothers in congregations. As a former elder, I saw this attitude

    beneath the surface and never connected it with the Society's pleas to love your brother "because persecution

    might come". Let them reap what they've sown.


  • waiting
    Let them reap what they've sown.

    As in the Catholic does the WTBTS. There are differences - Catholic gov't covers over priest pedophiles primarily. The WTBTS covers over any child molester in the KH at it's own convenience.

    Both organizations are trying to save their reputations and keep their followers....even if they have to fu*k their followers in the process.

    For the sake of God, of course.


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